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I've had an MC, what happens now [ie physically]

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LoopyLa Fri 28-Nov-14 07:41:03

I've had an early MC @5 wks. I feel bereft & heartbroken obviously but will deal with that in my own time.

My question is what happens with my body? Do I treat it as a "period"? Or does it get expelled from my body & then I have an actual period? Please can someone advise?

Thanks flowers

bakingtins Fri 28-Nov-14 07:49:10

At 5 weeks the miscarriage is likely to be similar to a period, though you may experience stronger cramps or worse/more clotty bleeding than normal. You're not likely to notice any pregnancy tissue at that stage. You may find your next cycle is slightly longer than normal as it doesn't kick in until you get a negative pregnancy test, but since this is likely to happen quickly you should get your first normal period in 4-6 weeks. You need to use pads rather than tampons for the whole duration of miscarriage bleeding to reduce the risk of infection.
V sorry for your loss loopy look after yourself.

Hairylegs47 Fri 28-Nov-14 07:50:31

Oh Loopy, I'm so sorry. sad
To answer your questions, most early mc are like a heavy period and the baby and everything are expelled. It may take longer than a 'normal' period too. The next month, your cycle will come around again. Some people have normal periods, some have heavier, some take a while for the cycle to restart - that's what happened to me. Probably it was a reflection of how I was feeling.
Don't use tampons though, use pads as your cervix is open right now. The next period you can use them.

LoopyLa Fri 28-Nov-14 08:58:01

Thanks ladies. Not got any cramping as such but bleeding quite heavily, do you think that cramping will occur eventually or it's just come away by itself, so to speak? Had to hotfoot it down to Tesco for some pads as I don't usually use them. Thanks for the medical info, I feel silly at my lack of knowledge of these things!

chdmum2491 Fri 28-Nov-14 11:02:42

i mc at 5 weeks in september and had a light period about a month after and now having a monthly which is my usual heavy bleeding, but my mc didnt really cause cramps just bleeding

HannahB86 Fri 28-Nov-14 22:33:07

Hi Loopy,

Sorry for your loss, I had a mc a few weeks ago at 6 weeks. It was very light compared to what I have heard others describe and was over quite quicklly. I suppose that's because I wasn't far gone. I did have some cramps but they only lasted about 24 hours when the bleeding was heaviest. I got a negative pg test last weekend so am taking that means everything has gone and am hoping I won't be waiting too long for my next period so we can try again. Anyway just wanted to say I know exactly how you are feeling. Make sure you get plenty of rest and take care of yourself.

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