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To just feel pissed off....

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onefootinthebed Thu 27-Nov-14 15:24:46

Hadn't 2 miscarriage on October the 3rd, conceived straight after didn't have an af, now I'm 6 weeks. So first I just thought residue hormones, then had a blood test and scan to confirm.10 days later I had a scan to say there was nothing there 4 days later I was told there was an embryo. Today 7 days after being told that there was an embryo I'm told it hasn't grown. Rescan next week. I just feel like someone is messing with me.

I really want to sit down and cry and eat my weight in doughnuts, but I have a two year old who would see me crying and I don't want that and who would also finish of the doughnuts before me

onefootinthebed Thu 27-Nov-14 15:26:14

Sorry that should read 2nd miscarriage.

bakingtins Thu 27-Nov-14 16:14:38

onefoot I'm so sorry, it must feel like the Universe is against you at the moment. If your scan in a week confirms a MMC or if you miscarry in the meantime I'd encourage you to push for testing including genetic testing of the products. If you have any questions about that process you are v welcome to join the recurrent miscarriage thread. flowers

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