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3 days post complete miscarriage, very sore abdomen?

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SuperGlue Thu 27-Nov-14 14:46:37

I was wondering if anyone with any experience in this area could advise me. On Monday morning between 6-7am I had a complete miscarriage at home. My dates were 11wks 5days but embryo measuring between 6-7weeks. As it happened we had an EPU scan scheduled for later that morning and the nurse confirmed at that stage that it had been a complete miscarriage and no further treatment was needed.

On Mon & Tues I had a sort of mild period type pain across lower abdomen but last night it started to feel slightly bloated and quite tender. Today I am quite uncomfortable and it is sore, especially when I sit on a hard chair etc. I am taking some ibuprofen for it but I really don't know what is normal or not 3 days after a mc as this is my first.

Would it be a good idea to ring the EPU or could it be everything just settling down again? I am still bleeding but moderately so not worried about that.


bakingtins Thu 27-Nov-14 16:19:36

If it is anything worse than period type cramps I'd phone for advice. The other thought is that even when a scan says the womb is all clear sometimes there are more clots etc a few days later. If your gut says something is not right get checked out in case there's any infection.

SuperGlue Thu 27-Nov-14 17:13:50

Thank you baking tins. I was thinking the same thing. The bleeding had eased off considerably last night and this morning but there about an hour ago when I had the pain I had a sort of gush and flooded a pad but it is eased off again now. No clots. I took the ibuprofen so pain has eased off. If it is the same in the morning I will ring EPU and speak to someone as it would be easy enough to pop in and get checked out.

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