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What should I expect

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Babygirlpw Thu 27-Nov-14 13:47:58

I am 7 weeks pregnant-but had a small bleed this morning. I went for a scan and was told that the heartbeat is v v slow and at one point she thought there wasn't one. She said the baby won't survive. I have to go back in a week when they expect no heartbeat. The midwife explained that I could miscarry naturally between now and then. What do I need to do to prepare for this? My head is all over the place.

bakingtins Thu 27-Nov-14 16:07:57

So sorry you've been given a bad prognosis for your pregnancy flowers It is probably a good idea to stock up with night- time or maxi pads and painkillers in case you do start to miscarry. You are likely to be fine at home but if you get very heavy bleeding (filling a pad in half an hour -fairly heavy bleeding and passing clots is normal) or feel faint/ unwell then get medical attention. If you have the 24h number for the EPU where you were scanned (often put through to the gynae ward when the clinic is closed) that's the best place to phone. You may find the "tips for coping" thread helpful. If nothing happens but your next scan confirms a miscarriage you should be offered options of expectant, medical or surgical management, and again that thread has experiences of all options to help you decide what is least-worst for you.
there's someone here to help you cope with the practical and emotional aspects, whenever you need to ask questions or talk to someone.

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