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Spotting before period after miscarriage-is this normal?

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Flower29 Thu 27-Nov-14 08:29:44

I'm wondering if anyone has any advice please...
I had a mmc just over a couple of months ago now and have started my second period (I think I've had my first but didn't really stop bleeding since my mc but it was a constant flow bleed and then just stopped so I assumed it was my first period which was at about 5 weeks after mc) but it has started with light pink spotting only when I wipe on sun night and gradually got more to needing a pad last night and today.
I never used to have any spotting at all, just used to start and then bleed medium for 5/6 days with a couple of heavier days in the middle.

Has anyone experienced this? I imagine there's 'no normal' after a mc as our bodies are still recovering but when I have googled it, things like low progesterone etc come up which is starting to worry me.

I got pg first cycle with both previous pregnancies so didn't think anything was wrong there, just worried the mc could have caused any problems. Also I haven't been having my normal period cramps, but I seem to have had one sided ovulation pains a couple of weeks ago and now I get twingy pains on the opposite side. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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