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Methorexate or Op

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Crystal1979 Wed 26-Nov-14 17:35:32

was advised I have a pregnancy of unknown location last Wednesday, on Thursday I had a dose of methotrexate (docs were not to keen on surgery as I have had a lot of previous ops and they were concerned for risks, Monday (day 5) my levels had dropped slightly (by 100) today (day 7) the levels are on the rise again - doctors advise I can either go for another dose of methotrexate or an operation.... has anyone had this and if so did you have 2nd dose or go for op?? if you took 2nd dose did it work??

I am just concerned - its been a really long week and I felt bad enough taking one dose and feeling like I was slowly killing off my baby - been a long emotional roller coaster and don't want to go though another week of waiting and then finding out it its failed and I need an op anyways.... operation could leave me with decreased chance of conceiving as I only have 1 ovary but 2 tubes sad

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