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lots of pain

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Boofsandboss Mon 24-Nov-14 09:31:17

i found out last tuesday i had a missed miscarriage, then the miscarriage started early hours of thursday morning and it was the worse thing ive ever had to experience, i ended up in hospital because the amount of blood and pain, stayed over night and was on lots of painkillers, the last few days been weak and sleeping loads, had really bad gas but thats gone now, but waking up today with cramps i experienced during miscarriage, they really hurt, is it going to happen again???? i cant deal with anymore sad

sizethree Mon 24-Nov-14 10:13:33

Hi boofs, I'm so sorry for your loss and sadly I've been in your position too so I know how painful and traumatic it is.
From what you've described, physically you are likely to be over the worst of it. But as you're still having a lot of pain I think you should call your GP or Early Pregnancy Unit and they should be able to prescribe stronger than over the counter painkillers. I was prescribed dihydracodine - over the phone from my GP, which my partner picked up.
Every woman experiences miscarriage differently, but from the experiences I've read (and sadly had myself) it seems that once the sac is passed you then get a week to two weeks of period like bleeding.
I'm so sorry this really is the shittest of times to get through and I hope that you start to recover and have happier times ahead.

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