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Is the worst over?

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MsJupiter Sun 23-Nov-14 05:04:58

I am hoping someone can tell me what to expect now after my experience. Sorry in advance for TMI but I don't think there is any other way to describe what has happened.

I found out I was pg at 4 wks, then at 6w had some bleeding when I wiped and was given an internal scan which showed a viable pregnancy with no visible reason for the bleeding. However I continued to find brown or reddish brown smears when I wiped, usually worse after a BM and then fading back to nothing. I just kept hoping it was old blood or something but obviously emotionally it has been a difficult time.

Last night (Friday) at 9 wks there was some heavier redder bleeding and I thought that was the start of mc, however again it faded in the morning. So I went to my booking in appt as planned, mentioned to the mw about the blood and she said to call my GP on Monday or go to A&E if things are bad.

At around 6pm Saturday I went to the loo and there was brown gunk with some stringy clots. I then went again shortly after and was bleeding very heavily, bright red with larger clots. I also started cramping.

My mum took me to A&E (DH stayed with DS) and they took blood etc. The pain was getting worse so they gave me PCM and codeine. Blood results showed low hormone levels so likely mc. However they also thought I may have an infection so decided to admit me and give me an AB drip - the dr also thought it best I was observed overnight. While waiting in the gynae room I went to the loo several times and there was more blood and clotting although not gushing so she said there was still hope but I wasn't convinced.

Over the next hour (still in A&E) the pain increased dramatically. It came in waves and I could feel my muscles contracting. Each time closer and more painful than the last. I was trying to breathe through it but got to the point where I couldn't think straight, was crawling around crying and retching as there was barely a break between 'contractions'. They then gave me morphine which thankfully stopped it all.

As they moved me up to the ward, I felt a gush and by the time I got there I had soaked through my pad, knickers etc. I went to the loo and felt a lot of solid stuff come out. The nurses said it was mostly large clots and took it away and then the dr came to see me and said they'd found a sac. I signed some forms and now it's 5am and I'm lying awake wondering, will that be it now?

Others' experiences seem to be that it can take several days to mc but maybe my prior bleeds were leading up to this and that's the worst of it over? The whole thing has been such a shock, I just want to know what will happen next. I realise as I write this that probably no one can tell me for sure but has anyone had a comparable experience?

Thanks for reading if you've got this far and for any advice.

MaMaPo Sun 23-Nov-14 05:07:10

Goodness. I've never experienced anything like this but I hope you have plenty of support around you. I'm very sorry this happened and I hope you get some answers soon.

fromwesttoeast Sun 23-Nov-14 06:56:42

Really sorry you've been through this. I've experienced similar when I miscarried at home at 11 weeks, although my experience wasn't as bloody or painful. I did get contractions and finally expelled something the size of a small aubergine.
Based on my experience (I have no medical knowledge) as you have passed the sac things should be over now. Your bleeding should subside to period like levels and tail off over the coming week or so. The worst should def be over in terms of pain. It may take you sometime to come to terms with it all though.
So sorry for you. flowers

bakingtins Sun 23-Nov-14 09:28:04

jupiter I'm so sorry you've lost your baby and been through such a frightening and distressing experience. I've had 4 MC at 8-10 weeks and IME the pain and heavy bleeding subside once I've passed the sac. You are likely to continue to bleed for a week or so and you may have more cramps, but much more like a period rather than anything dramatic.
I hope you are able to go home today - your own bed is what you need now. I've found it's only when the physical is over and you feel safe again that you can process it emotionally, don't be surprised if it hits you a few days down the line. Plenty of support here if you need to 'talk' but if you want a real actual person to speak to, the Miscarriage Association support line is v helpful. flowers

TheHappinessTrap Sun 23-Nov-14 09:36:25

I'm sorry, like some others here I also know what you've been through. I had those awful contractions for 12 hours before getting pain relief once. And with one of my mc i continued to get occasional cramping for a few days after being finished with the main part bit not like the intense pain of contractions. You've been through a major physical and emotional upheaval. Please take as much time as you need. This can be so underestimated when people think they need to be strong or move on before they're ready.

MsJupiter Sun 23-Nov-14 10:59:58

Thank you for the support and reassurance. It was a very long night. I have had more blood but nothing nasty since and just have mild cramps now. Can't believe how much it hurt last night. When I had DS I was induced - I had contractions but didn't progress so ended up having a CS. The pain last night was much worse than the induced contractions. Hopefully that might mean that my body managed to get rid of everything though and avoid any further procedures?

I was all ready to go home this morning and then they told me they want to keep me in tonight as well to give me more IV ABs due to concerns about infection. It was disappointing but best to follow their advice I guess. They will then scan me tomorrow to check if everything has passed. DH has gone to get some clothes and supplies and will then take DS out. Luckily my family all live close by so we have a lot of support.

Last night was the first night I have spent apart from DS. Really missing his lovely face.

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