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Has anyone had an erpc privately?

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hohoho100 Tue 18-Nov-14 11:01:56

Went for an early scan at 6 weeks and was only measured at 5 weeks - just a gestational and yolk sac. The sonnagrapher said that the sac wasn't too big and it may just be early days.

I know that it could go either way and I have another scan booked for saturday when I should be 8 weeks so at least we should know either way.

I had a mmc before my little boy and just trying to work out the logistics if this one is not proceeding when you have been for a private scan rather than an nhs one.

We have private health insurance and wondering whether to go privately but would I have to go to my local epu to get confirmation for my gp or would the gp accept the private scan results. I presume that wherever I go too have the erpc would rescan me themselves to make sure before doing any procedure.

Or any stories of going for a scan so early and being a week behind. I am sure of my dates and that still puts me 6 days behind.

PossumPoo Wed 19-Nov-14 21:07:19

The epu accepted my private scan results as proof of pregnancy so I would assume they would accept it in this instance.

I had an erpc in September on the NHS, if you go private would you have your own room to recover in?

blacktreaclecat Wed 19-Nov-14 21:12:15

Yes I'm in Bupa and had an erpc done at a private hospital as I had 2 scans a week apart with no change, I was supposed to be 7 weeks. The scans were at NHS EPU and they recommended the consultant who was lovely.
I'm sorry xx

hohoho100 Thu 20-Nov-14 09:45:45

Thanks guys. Have a rescan on saturday so at least I should know what is happening then.

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