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2 MMC, when will the pain end?

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rj123 Mon 17-Nov-14 20:12:32

Had my son Oct. 2013, he was 4 months old found out we were pregnant in the February but bleeding 24.03 2014 revealved on scan i had suffered a MMC (12Wks baby stopped growing at 7wks) had natural mc at home. i again fell pregnant and July 24th 2014 at 12 wk scan revealed another mmc baby stopped growing at 8.5 wks had d&c. First babys due date has recently passed(due same day as my son was due) and second baby due date is the same as friends baby is due. Is it normal to feel so much jelousy? I hate myself for it as i have a lovely healthy little boy and im so scared of having another baby incase of mc again sad

Erica21 Tue 18-Nov-14 09:06:09

Hi rj sorry for your losses. I too have had two MC very quickly, 3 months apart. 1st was a MMC picked up at 12 Wk scan, then 2nd was looking promising at 8 weeks but they picked up a large hematoma bleed under the baby, which after 2 weeks of heavy bleeding and 2 positive scans went wrong and the hematoma ruptured the sac and I lost the baby. It's such a difficult time, I am 2 weeks post ERPC and still suffering physically, mentally it is taking much longer. I have a DS who's 2.5 yrs and I keep thinking about the age gap an how big it will be and I know I won't be pregnant when my first DD comes round in feb. I have found new baby announcements really upsetting and am not on FB so fortunately don't have that to worry about, but a lot of my friends are at 2nd baby stage and it's really hard to deal with. Hopefully your friends will be compassionate and if not tell them how hard it is for you. Be strong and focus on your little boy, that is what I am doing as much as possible, and give yourself time to heal. I'm not sure what the stats are for a 3rd MC but I think it's low, even after 2 MC. I am now going to have a boozy xmas and start thinking about ttc in the new year. Thinking of you flowers

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