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Preparing for miscarriage

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GuybrushThreepwoodMP Thu 13-Nov-14 15:58:15

After a small bleed last night, I had a scan today which showed a pregnancy measuring 6 weeks with a faint heartbeat. I had a positive pregnancy test over 5 weeks ago and should be nearly 10 weeks now. I am sure of my dates.
I assume it's not going to be viable. I have to have a scan in a week or two to confirm loss but in the meantime, what should I expect to happen? I've never experienced this before. I'm not bleeding and am in no pain now.

bakingtins Thu 13-Nov-14 17:55:27

guy I've replied on the other thread you posted on with some suggested places to read up on options. flowers

bakingtins Thu 13-Nov-14 17:56:49

The only thing I'd add is that sometimes once your head has accepted the pregnancy isn't progressing your body can let go.

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