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bleeding - infection - miscarriage

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Gr33dyeggs Wed 12-Nov-14 23:10:55

I started spotting pink 1 week ago at 11 weeks and when it got red and heavier on sat I ended up in EGU having swabs done. I miscarried naturally on Monday which was confirmed complete today (wed).
During todays consultation I asked whether there were any results from the swabs. On checking I had high levels of naturally occuring bacteria. Apparently this can cause miscarriage in some people. The dr advised when I next get pregnant to go for a High Vaginal Swab so i can start antibiotics asap. I do know most 1st trimester losses are genetic but I had never heard of this. This has been backed up by some articles I've found.
Anyone else had this? I'm not sure whether I feel better its possibly not genetic or worse it was an infection I didn't know I had.

bakingtins Thu 13-Nov-14 18:41:48

I was terribly upset when a junior doctor more or less insisted that my 2nd MC was due to an infection, most likely to be toxoplasmosis because of my job (vet) Swabs and TORCH test (bloods for blood borne infections) were all clear, and consultant said it was an unusual cause, since the cervix is tightly sealed protecting the foetus from vaginal bacteria. Even when they do culture bacteria from a MC baby or placenta (tested after late losses) it's usually not clear whether the infection caused the loss or whether the tissues were infected as the cervix opened.
It gives you something concrete you can do in a future pregnancy. Guilt seems to go with the territory but do your best not to entertain it, even if the infection was a contributing factor it's not your fault. When you say you feel 'better it's not genetic' are you aware that most of the genetic problems, which account for the majority of sporadic miscarriages, are nothing to do with you - they arise randomly in that particular egg/sperm/early embryo - and are unlikely to recur?
Sorry for your loss, I can completely understand the need to find answers, they are often hard to come by. flowers

Gr33dyeggs Thu 13-Nov-14 20:49:54

I don't think my thoughts are coming across coherently! I know genetic events are random and not anyones 'fault' and had taken some comfort in that my body had worked it out. But to find out an infection that may have been treatable could have contributed is tough. Additionally this is my 2nd miscarriage and although it was years ago, I wonder if the same happened then. I don't remember feeling guilty last time, lots of other things but not that.

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