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Failed medical management - completing m/c naturally

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Teatime1 Tue 11-Nov-14 20:30:58

Hi all,

Two weeks ago (at 7 weeks' pregnant) I found that I'd miscarried a second time. Having opted for surgery the first time round I decided to go for medical management on this occasion. At my scan today I was told I still had retained products and that I'd have to go in for surgery next week to avoid prolonged blood loss I think (I've been protected against infection after being given antibiotics to cover me, just in case).

I'd really like to avoid having the surgery and have been looking into natural remedies (vitamin C, Dong quai etc) and just wanted to check if anyone has had any experience with this? Particularly after a failed medical management? I just wanted to check if it would be safe given that the doc's reason for me having the surgery seems to be prolonged blood loss etc.

Other factors to consider are that for both m/cs my body has been unwilling to give up on the pregnancy with sacs continuing to grow and hormones building (meaning greater levels of nausea, although after having the tablet the nausea has disappeared) so I don't know if that has any bearing either.

Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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