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Have I passed a fibroid?

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MamaLazarou Mon 10-Nov-14 21:17:42

I miscarried at eight weeks in September. My first mc - I have a healthy son and no previous gynae problems.

The pain and bleeding continued for six days and a further scan confirmed that all products of conception had passed naturally so I didn't need a D&C.

The scan also showed that I had a fibroid but the nurse said as it was not in the endometrium it was nothing to worry about and I didn't need any treatment for it.

I had a normal period in October, then another one which started last Friday, a week early (I am usually v regular). It seemed like a normal period but only lasted for three days (usually it's five or six). The bleeding had stopped yesterday afternoon but half an hour ago, I started to bleed, a big gush of blood, and then when I went to the loo, I passed something big and bloody. I couldn't tell the size of it but I had to push it out. Sorry for TMI. blush

The bleeding seems to have stopped now.

Could this have been the fibroid coming out? It has freaked me out a bit.

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