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Questions, answers appreciated!

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SuperMum84 Fri 07-Nov-14 21:12:39


I found out I was preg 1st oct, I began bleeding 10th oct, scanned internally and bloods done on 15th oct, I had blood in my uterus & hcg beta was 12. I passed more blood/clots after the scan, then black/brown spotting the next day. Nothing since.

I've been getting positive preg tests for over a week, faint but there, I phoned epu asked if the hcg of 12 would do that, they said certainly not two weeks later. No bleeding = no more hcg left apparently.

I had bloods took yesterday to check hcg and see if this could be a new preg or from the mc, hcg beta is 12, they're being repeated on Monday.

Can I have a period with hcg still in my system?
It's been four weeks today since I began bleeding. I'm aware it can take 4-6 weeks to get normality again, and the further the preg the longer it takes, I wasn't quite 6 weeks when I mc.

I'm so confused by it all, it's forever a waiting game over something. I need to have a period or be pregnant, not inbetween! I've had enough of the not knowing!

Can anyone help? Share their experience if possible. There's only so much info I can google.


SuperMum84 Fri 07-Nov-14 21:13:59

The line is visible even with an apparent hcg beta of 12

bakingtins Fri 07-Nov-14 21:27:45

That's a very faint line for a week after your first positive test. If it was a new pregnancy your HCG would have been doubling every 2 days and you should now be getting a strong positive. My guess is you have some small fragment of products left from the miscarriage which are causing residual HCG, sometimes tiny pieces can't be seen on the scan. They should be shed when you have your first period and I'd test again after that to make sure it's become negative.
Of course I could be wrong and you get rising HCG at your next blood test. I think you need to sit tight and as far as possible not stress about it until then, but appreciate that's easier said than done.

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