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TTC post MMC.....WWYD?

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fififolle Mon 03-Nov-14 18:17:03

I had a MMC in October the medical management and finally an ERPC last Monday. The bleeding has stopped very quickly and I had a feeling that I may be ovulating yesterday/ today. I did a CB ovulation test and sure enough, there was a smiley face. I'm desperate to start TTC again but appreciate that it's v soon. I don't know what the right thing is to do? Do we try now or wait or just not over analyse things.
I'm also slightly worried that hormones from the MMC may have given me the +ve ovulation test.

BusyCee Mon 03-Nov-14 18:24:02

I'm sorry to hear about your recent MC. After my first MC I was pregnant the very next cycle. After the second it took about 4 months. IMO try again as soon as you feel ready to. Try not to get too caught up in TTC and the TWW. Try to relax (easier said than done I know). Good luck to you x

Erica21 Mon 03-Nov-14 18:44:47

Hey fififolle, I had my ERPC today, (2nd in 3 months) and wonder whether you may still have a positive from your hormones being high? Have you done a preg test too? Sorry I've never used ovulation sticks! The Dr told me it takes the body 6 weeks for hormones to normalise. I have been advised to do a preg test in 2 weeks to make sure it's neg. After my mmc in July my period came back at 29 days and then I conceived the following month, although I ended up with a large hematoma which damaged the sac and baby died last week. I know they recommend a month break so you can better date a future pregnancy but it really is up to you. I def don't think I'll be ready to ttc next week but good luck if you do. We have decided to wait until the new year to ttc again and I'm going to have a mighty boozy Christmas! Xx

fififolle Mon 03-Nov-14 19:38:40

Thank you for your replies. I've just re read my post and us should say that I had medical management (13th Oct) followed by ERPC on the 27th.
I haven't done another pg test- last one I did was +ve but that was on morning of scan which showed retained products hence needing ERPC.
I think that the answer is to do a pg test tomorrow and go from there.
How are you feeling Erica? I'm surprised that you're awake enough to be on Mnet! It sounds like you've had such a tough time of things, you must be shattered. Take care, watch lots of crappy day time TV and enjoy your wine xx
Busy thank you for your kind advice! I certainly think that relaxation is the key x

BusyCee Mon 03-Nov-14 22:45:01

Good luck fifi. Unmumsnet x

Flower29 Tue 04-Nov-14 11:31:55

Hi fifi, did you manage to take a test? From what I have gathered (during my obsessive googling over the past month) if you get a -ve hpt then the ovulation tests tend to be accurate, but if not then they can pick up hcg and show +ve. I know what you mean about waiting and not over analysing, I find it almost impossible! I'm trying to ignore the tiniest possibility I might be pregnant and put off doing a hpt til next fri, that's unless anything else shows up before. Good luck whatever you decide, just go with what you feel is right! X

fififolle Tue 04-Nov-14 14:09:38

Hi Flower I tested and it was -ve...must be the only time that I was pleased with negative hpt!! But, being so impatient the TTC started on Sunday night blush.
Fingers crossed for you, sit on your hands till next Friday, it'll be worth it xx
I'm definitely trying to be as relaxed as possible and see what happens over the next couple of months.

Flower29 Tue 04-Nov-14 14:24:46

Sounds like your ovulation test should be accurate then! Good luck! wink x

Erica21 Tue 04-Nov-14 16:05:20

Hi fifi and flower good luck to both of you with getting/being preggers! Feeling a bit better today, although have done a bit too much walking about. This ERPC definitely a lot more painful than the last, but two in 3 months is obviously going to take longer to recover from I guess. Fingers crossed for you both xx

Flower29 Tue 04-Nov-14 16:17:51

Thanks Erica. I was so sad to hear your news, I'm glad you're feeling a little better, but as we all know it takes a long time to recover from a mc. I'm only 6 weeks post mmc and am up and down like a yoyo. Get your feet up and take care of yourself. X

fififolle Tue 04-Nov-14 20:17:40

Thank you Erica take care of yourself- it sounds like you've had a really tough time. I can't begin to imagine how drained you must feel flowers.

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