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danielleterry88 Sun 02-Nov-14 21:23:04

hi. Not sure how many weeks pregnant i am but i started bleeding so i got booked in for a scan where they said they could not see anything so i had bloods taken which were low but have risen a little so they booked me in for another scan to see if it was an ectopic pregnancy which were ruled out and now say that im pregnant in unknown location, blood levels are still rising but nurses are giving me only two options to either have injection or surgery to release the pregnancy,
Surely though if i waited a few more weeks for pregnancy to grow then they may find the baby growing in the womb, i may still be pretty early so need to be a few more weeks to see anything. Does this make sense.

bakingtins Sun 02-Nov-14 22:21:50

Hi Danielle, sorry you are going through such a worrying time. What can be seen on a scan normally correlates well with blood HCG, so they'd have an expectation whether they should be able to see a sac, foetal pole, heartbeat etc based on your levels. The sac is normally visible by 5 weeks, so about a week further on from your positive test, and a heartbeat from around 6 weeks. The worry with potentially leaving an ectopic pregnancy is it could grow enough to rupture your tube. If the hormone levels are dropping then they leave you to MC naturally, if they continue to rise with nothing visible in the uterus they'll be worried of the possibility of rupture. As I understand it you can't visualise the whole Fallopian tube (too narrow) so difficult to be definitive it is clear if nothing is seen. To visualise them in a non pregnant uterus they are normally pumped full of dye or fluid.

Go back or phone and ask questions until you are completely clear about your options. You can ask to be rescanned before making any decisions.

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