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Recurrent Miscarriage Support thread 13 - tests, treatment, trying again

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bakingtins Sun 02-Nov-14 19:44:58

Welcome everyone! A thread for anyone who has experienced recurrent miscarriages and is in need of information, companionship, tea and sympathy. Newbies welcome to join at any stage.

Start with the traditional recap please......

girliesaints Sun 02-Nov-14 20:32:35

Shall I kick us off? One DH conceived and born with no fuss in 2011. Since trying for a sibling this year one chemical mc and two missed MCs at 6 weeks but not found until week 8 & 11. Last mc in September and currently awaiting referral for investigation x

Jellybean2011 Sun 02-Nov-14 20:52:23

Hi I'm new to mumsnet but have been reading so many stories similar to my own that thought I would share too.
I have one DS who is 3. Had an unexplained miscarriage in 2012 at 8 weeks then a MMC in January of this year at 11 weeks. Have just found out I'm pregnant again, very unexpected-we weren't trying as I've just started a new job as a primary school teacher and it's very stressful with long hours. I'm so nervous that things won't work out this time and have no idea how I am going to tell work. X

cloudjumper Sun 02-Nov-14 21:58:17

Marking my place smile

1 DS (totally uncomplicated pregnancy) who is now 3.5. Ttc for no.2 since 2012, have now had 4 MCs in a row, first 3 at around 8 weeks, latest one MMC at 17 weeks. Mc3 and 4 were investigated, both due to chromosomal abnormalities. All tests fine for me and DH, so it's most likely our age (both in our forties).
Currently trying to muster the courage for another go... But really really struggling.

bakingtins Sun 02-Nov-14 22:13:18

I should remember to include my own info...

Ds1 2006, MC 2009 @10 weeks, Ds2 2010, MC Sept 2012, March 2013, June 2013 all @ 8-10 weeks. NHS tests normal, high NK cells diagnosed in Coventry, DD born May 2014 after treatment with progesterone, heparin and steroids.

Belleende Mon 03-Nov-14 06:49:19

0 dc 2 mc at 7/8 weeks, one medical termination, one 'chemical' pregnancy. Currently 7 weeks pregnant (I hope), first scan next week. Currently on thyroxine for low thyrood. Just turned 40 so may be the last trip down this particular lane for me.

TinyTear Mon 03-Nov-14 06:57:59


Mc1 at 10w
Mc2 at 6w
Mc3 at 8w
Investigation at St Marys London which came back normal

Dd who is now 2y 9m

Mc4 at 8w late 2013
Mc5 at 8w march 2014

Investigations at Coventry which came back normal but they put me on progesterone from day 21 and clexane from 6w to 12w and now 17+2 pregnant with a girl

...and shitting myself...

Justonemoretime Mon 03-Nov-14 07:12:24

mmc #1 Nov 2011 6 and a bit weeks after hb
mmc #2 May 2012 6 and a bit weeks after hb
mmc #3 June 2013 13 weeks after good scan at 9.1 weeks (Turner Syndrome)
St Mary's blood tests all normal but septum removed by Prof Regan Oct 2013
Coventry tests normal but put on cyclogest 200mg from 21-28 days but no bfp within 3 months so started cyclogest from bfp only.
Now 6 weeks pg and on 400mg cyclogest twice daily and heparin injections. Seen 'normal' scan at 5.4 weeks last week and another scan will be done this week on Thursday. I have had some light spotting, however sad
Trying not to panic.

Boozle80 Mon 03-Nov-14 07:55:45

Hi all,
One DD, 5, no complications at all,
TTC with new partner,
MC #1: unconfirmed, Jan 14, approx 4.5 weeks
MC #2: April 14, MMC @ 12weeks (baby @10 weeks)
MC #3: August 14, MMC @ 10 weeks
Currently 5.1 weeks pregnant and terrified!

Marchgirl Mon 03-Nov-14 08:22:28

Hi all and welcome jelly
Me 37 DH 42
DD born Aug 12 with completely normal pregnancy
Started TTC #2 Sep 13
Missed m/c Jan 14 (found @ 9+3, complete 12+2) 2x medical man.
Natural m/c Jul 14 @8.5 wks
Another mm/c Oct 14, (found@ 8+1 after hb seen @ 7+1) medical man.
Awaiting appointment at RMC 21st Nov
Horrible 10 months and terrified of TTC again!

tannyLoo Mon 03-Nov-14 09:02:23

Thanks for the new thread, Baking, and 13 is a lucky number in our house if that helps?

Me:42, DH:44

DS1 born in 1999 (15 in a fortnight!) Uncomplicated pregnancy, previous relationship
DS2 born in 2012 (2 yrs 8 months)
MC 1 Dec 2012 - 6 weeks, natural MC
MMC 2 Apr 2013 -11 weeks but measured 6, natural but horrific haemorrhage
MC 3 Oct 2013 - 6 weeks, natural MC, but not much bleeding. Referred for RMC testing but in the meantime got pregnant again.
MC 4 Dec 2013 - 6 weeeks, natural MC but was suspected ectopic. Empty sac finally appeared just before MC started. Thin endometrium seen on scan.
Blood tests and scan all came back normal (lining still on thin side) and healthy. Diagnosed as "super fertile" ( no shit!) and told to keep on trying, as one might stick.
MC 5 Feb 2014 - 6 weeks, natural MC, low bleeding. Was prescribed progesterone and clexane from 5 weeks, but sac was already empty and irregular shape.

After all that, I had a proper melt down and spent days in bed watching reruns of Star Trek. I was signed off long term sick, had fortnightly acupuncture and a massive list of quack medicines to help my lining develop. Went to Coventry in May, following genetic tests, and was pregnant before my NK cell results were back. Was treated with progesterone, clexane and prednisolone as a precaution. Tests came back normal, and am currently very nearly 23 weeks with a health, wriggling bubs.

Can't believe we have got this far, as this was definitely my last go, whatever the ourtcome.

I firmly believe that the Coventry protocol made my uterus a safe welcoming environment, and that implantation was my issue. Am considering Jan as a boy's name!

Sorry for the very long post!

bythesea82 Mon 03-Nov-14 10:37:48

Hi all,
Me 32, DH 31
Mc 1 @ 9+6 nov 13
Mc2 @ 10+6 Mar 14
Mc3 @ 10+3 Sep 14
Currently waiting for bloods to be taken next week then appointment with consultant on 28th.

bythesea82 Mon 03-Nov-14 10:39:06

Oh & maybe should add op for cyst to be removed between mc 2 & 3, they found only one tube & ovary so on def early scan to check for ectopic.

Boozle80 Mon 03-Nov-14 11:53:23

I've just been to the RMC, previous tests on the baby were all normal - although it may have been my tissue the checked they said. The consultant was off so we saw a nurse who said without the tests there's nothing they can do bar waiting. She said most people miscarry at the same point so it'll be around 9-10 weeks if it's going to happen. She booked me in for a scan at 6 weeks next week and then to see the consultant or registrar. She said next time to hang fire on TTC until I'd had the tests at the RMC - I did ask before we did and we were told it was our decision. Not massively positive - I was hoping they'd be slightly more optimistic - so it's fingers and legs crossed here!

Triplespin Mon 03-Nov-14 12:14:42

Hi everyone

My story: DS1 conceived easily in 2008. TTC 2 since March 2013 and have had 3 mcs since then.
MC 1 - natural mc at 5+3, June 2013
MC 2 - natural mc at 6+3, empty sac at scan at 6wks, February 2014
MC 3 - immune treatment (preds, intralipids) mmc at 8 wks, no heartbeat. ERPC late August 2014. Trisomy 22.
Waiting for karyotyping results due in 8 weeks.
Likely to start TTC in 2015. Considering seeing Coventry team for a scratch in the meantime.

dazedandconfused1981 Mon 03-Nov-14 14:15:49

Hope it's ok for me to join this thread, looking for some information /advice and support.


Mc at 6 weeks Jan 2011
Missed Mc at 9.5 weeks Nov 2014
Mc at 6 weeks Oct 2015

I am 33 and OH 46, no children

Been referred for investigation, finally, this will take 8 weeks for appointment.

So in the meantime I am looking to educate myself with the correct information regarding the tests I should be getting /asking for. I am also looking into acupuncture.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as after 3 mc in a row I am feeling helpless, scared and overwhelmed.


charlieis30 Mon 03-Nov-14 14:22:52

Marking my place, although I'm on TTC after MC thread more these days, ladies here have always been brilliant helping/giving advice...
31yo, started TTC Oct 2013.
MC1 @ 7.5w Feb 2014, natural
MC2 @ 8w early scan showed v slow HB, 9w scan showed heart stopped, ERPC@10w. Chromosome analysis showed trisomy 15.
Now TTC again. Argh.

Marchgirl Mon 03-Nov-14 14:49:56

Hi dazed and welcome to the club nobody wants to be part of. Everyone here is very knowledgeable and speaking to them all has helped pull me out of depression after my last m/c, so you've come to the right place, as everyone is full of hope and support.
I have just finished reading the Jon Cohen book on miscarriage that baking sent me, so if you or anyone else is interested in Reading it, I'd happily send it on (assuming you don't want it back baking?). Just let me know. a good history of previous research I'd say, although a little out of date now. I read the reviews on Amazon and one of the people who gave it a 1 star had a right old rant, which was very informative in itself!

Bristolian1 Mon 03-Nov-14 15:09:40

Hi all, welcome newbies and sorry you find yourselves here.
My story is
No DCs yet
TTC since November 2013
MMC1 at 11 weeks April 2014
MMC2 at 8 weeks Sept 2014
Currently waiting for ovarian cystectomy so not TTC or undergoing testing and mostly lurking here at the moment smile

Flen Mon 03-Nov-14 15:20:24

Hello everybody,

I am almost 36, my partner is 34.

MC #1 - 2008, previous relationship, mmc at 12 week scan (stopped developing at 6-7 weeks) followed by D&C
MC #2 - April 2014, full miscarriage at 11.5 weeks.
MC #3 - Oct 2014, mmc at 9 week early scan (stopped developing at 6.5 weeks) followed by D&C.

I am still recovering from the D&C and back to work at the end of this week which is quite anxiety-provoking. We are awaiting our appointment at the RMC, expecting it in December ish. We are also waiting for the result of the karyotype from the last D&C.

Boozle that sounds like a bit of a disappointing appointment - was it? More waiting, I feel for you...

Hello to jelly, dazed and any other newbies.

(Tanny it was great to read your journey so far, and I am keeping everything crossed for you...)

Boozle80 Mon 03-Nov-14 16:01:26

Flen it was a bit - I think I wanted them to be positive about this pregnancy and the nurse I saw wasn't really, that and I kind of felt she was going through the motions and as she said she can't really do a great deal, I really need to see the consoltant. I know that time is crucial in early pregnancy and waiting another week for the appointment I was meant to have this week seems like an age.
March I'd love the book if Baking doesn't mind and it's still on offer please?
Tanny thank you for sharing you're story - it's giving me a glimmer of hope smile keep filling us in!
Hope everyone's having a happy Monday - it's back to school for me with parents evenings thrown in for good measure!

girliesaints Mon 03-Nov-14 17:34:48

Welcome to the newbies & hope you find the thread useful.

Boozle- sorry the appointment didn't go as you wish hmm

Today is my b'day which I wasn't wanting to celebrate as it was another milestone to getting less fertile (37 today) and I thought I would have a fat pregnancy belly by this b'day. Anyway got dragged out by OH for a day of shopping and on my return I had an appointment letter for the consultant. Only have to wait until beginning of January, which isn't too long and gives me something to focus on smile

Flen Mon 03-Nov-14 18:03:42

Happy birthday girliesaints, and glad you got your appointment.

Boozle So will you see the consultant next week? Waiting for time to pass in the first few weeks is totally maddening...

bakingtins Mon 03-Nov-14 18:57:03

Happy birthday girlie cake wine flowers

Welcome to jelly and dazed

march by all means pass the book on, sounds like boozle has bagged it.

boozle I'm sorry your appointment wasn't more positive. All is not lost, we hear stories all the time where a poster carries to term after RM with no definite diagnosis or different treatment. We are keeping everything crossed that this one sticks and you have no need of investigations. Anxious times, I'm sure, but we are here to hand hold any time.

For any newbies there is a great documentary about RM investigation at St Mary's on YouTube, called Waiting for a Heartbeat ( have tissues at the ready) and I'd also recommend the John Cohen book 'Coming to Term' and Prof Lesley Regan's 'What ever woman needs to know about miscarriage'. just writes an excellent blog which hopefully she'll link to for you.

Erica21 Mon 03-Nov-14 18:58:10

Hello ladies, newbie alert smile

Me 31 DH 34
June 2012 DS born
(easy pregnancy, born with rare blood sugar problem but handling it)
July 2014 MMC @ 12 week scan baby 9-10 weeks passed at home then ERPC
Oct 2014 MC at 9.5 weeks from large hematoma. Had HB at 8+2 and 8+6 but not at 9+2. ERPC today.

Needless to say, I'm a newbie and writing this after my ERPC today. Struggled massively with the hematoma pregnancy as I bled so heavily for a week and had two strong HB's. Totally side swiped on Friday when HB had gone. Hematoma probably from implantation and then ruptured the sac. Sad I'm the 2% of women whose heavy bleeding caused a MC.

Anyway, ttc will have to be put on hold and I will let my body have a few cycles to heal. I fall pregnant quickly but seem to have an unfriendly uterus at the moment. Feeling more positive now ERPC is done, just wanted to post and join the RMC crew.

Thanks for reading, I am sorry for everyone in this awful position. xxx

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