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TABLET study - call for participants!

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Dildals Thu 30-Oct-14 11:50:59

Hi ladies,

I have recently registered as a participant for the TABLET study and thought that perhaps it was worthwhile to highlight this on this forum.

There is evidence that thyroid antibodies can influence important pregnancy outcomes such as increasing the risk of miscarriage and delivering a baby prematurely. At the Guy's IVF clinic they did a small study in to this and giving the women with thyroid antibodies levothyroxine seemed to increase their chance of delivering a term baby. However the population size of their study was too small for the results to be conclusive.

That's why there's now the TABLET study. The TABLET Trial is a national study in which all women trying for a pregnancy (especially those that have had a miscarriage or are due to have infertility treatment) under the age of 41 are invited to have a blood test to see if they have thyroid antibodies. Lot's of hospitals are participating in this, the list of hospitals and how to join is on the trial website.

It doesn't require much work at all and might help preventing miscarriages. The only thing I had to do was meet with the research midwife, give some blood and depending on what my blood results say I will get either a placebo or Levothyroxine. That's all!


Dildals Thu 30-Oct-14 11:51:51

I should add: They need a particular population size and they are about half way now, so it's worthwhile contacting them.

PossumPoo Fri 31-Oct-14 12:34:11

Hi Dildals, I've sent an email to enquire if I can do it at a more local hospital to me, and if I can then I'll definitely sign up.

Dildals Fri 31-Oct-14 20:33:11

Yay! Well done PossumPoo!

I have heard back that I have no thyroid antibodies so I am out of the study. Well. At least I tried!

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