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NK cells and 'typical' pattern of miscarriage

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Daisybell1 Fri 24-Oct-14 09:23:16

I've had 4 mcs following having my dd by emcs. We've been through all the tests at St Marys and had no diagnosis, no chromosomal or clotting disorders.

We have a follow up appointment next week but I'm not expecting any treatment plan.

Our other option is to go to Prof Quenby for NK testing. However I don't know if my patter of mcs fits with it being a nk cell problem:

Mc1 twin pg, mmc diagnosed at 8-9 weeks, 1 hb but passed away the week later.

Mc2 spontaneous at 5 weeks

Mc 3 mmc diagnosed at 8 weeks, no hb ever seen

Mc4 mmc diagnosed at 10.5 weeks, good hb seen weekly up to 9.5 weeks

Can anyone advise?

Thank you thanks

bakingtins Sun 26-Oct-14 10:19:45

It can really vary from v early losses to losses in 2nd trimester. I had 4 MC before being diagnosed, all at 8-10 weeks. Several of them had heartbeats then died, when I was being scanned in the early weeks they were behind dates and progressively getting further behind. I had my daughter in May on my first try on Prof Q's protocol and there are several others on the RMC thread now successfully pregnant on their implantation protocol with normal NK cell levels. The other place to ask about NK cells is the "TTC or pregnant on pred" thread on the conception board where there are lots of patients of the London NK doctors. I can't recommend Coventry highly enough, I wish I'd known about it when I was told I was normal after 3mc, instead of trying again. Prof q said it was extremely unlikely I'd have a successful pregnancy without intervention.

GoldfishSpy Sun 26-Oct-14 10:22:55

I had 5 mc's, all between 6 and 10 weeks, 3 were MMC and I needs a d and c. 7 years TTC in total.

With NK cell treatment (Dr Gorgy in Wimpole Street) we successfully had twins on the first cycle.

The very best of luck.

bakingtins Sun 26-Oct-14 10:25:00

If you know that some of your losses had normal chromosomes ( rather than that you and DH have normal karyotyping) I'd definitely go. That was what pushed me into researching it.
V sorry for your losses, particularly horrid when seeing a heartbeat doesn't put you in the clear.

GoldfishSpy Sun 26-Oct-14 10:25:40

Baking, I was told the same, and I have beside me in his bouncy chair 10 week old DS3, conceived (during the one cycle when i had the implant taken out and before we had got round to anything else) and carried with no intervention at all (to say he was a surprise would be an understatement) ! So never say never!

Daisybell1 Sun 26-Oct-14 17:07:36

Thank you for your replies. It sounds like it could be worth further investigations. We know that oh and I, and 3 of the 4 tests came back as chromosomally normal (the 4th was a spontaneous loss which I didn't manage to get tested).

I can't face trying again without some diagnosis/support but OH is so keen for dc2.

I've had details about Coventry before but need to work out where I am in my cycle. And in a very childish way - how much does it hurt? On the basis that having a coil fitted made me cry and I needed gas and air to get through a sweep...

bakingtins Sun 26-Oct-14 23:24:27

I didn't find it too bad at all, certainly no worse than a smear. You need a speculum which is not pleasant, I didn't find the biopsy itself painful but did have some cramping afterwards. Some of the other posters on the RMC thread who have been to Coventry have said they found it a bit painful.
You need to be minimum 2 cycles post MC and 7-10 days post ov and the clinics are Mondays and Fridays.
If you are worried about the procedure ask what pain relief or support is available. I don't see why they wouldn't prescribe something ( pain relief, relaxant) as long as someone is there to drive you home afterwards.

Daisybell1 Mon 27-Oct-14 09:29:50

Thank you, that is reassuring. I find smears ok so hopefully I won't be a wuss. It feels trite worrying about how much it might hurt given the circumstances so thank you thanks

Iggi999 Fri 31-Oct-14 23:25:21

Daisy have you any auto-immune issues (eg thyroid problem) as this seems to be connected (not scientific opinion, what I've seen on the boards).

Daisybell1 Sat 22-Nov-14 01:08:42

Iggi, I hadn't seen your message, my apologies. No, I have no known autoimmune issues (it was tested for the tablet research project).

I had the biopsy this afternoon - chuff me that hurt! I'd warned them that I was a wimp and they gave me gas and air but even so, it was enough to make me squeak!

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