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Threatened MC help please

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Erica21 Wed 22-Oct-14 15:46:27

Hi all, I was only here 3 months ago having had a mmc at my 12 week scan. I luckily fell pregnant two months afterwards, and had my 8 week booking apt yesterday with midwife. Sadly this morning I had quite severe bleeding, went to A&E, then up to early pregnancy unit who did an internal and said my cervix is closed, BUT I can't have a scan until tomorrow morning which I am very frustrated by. Should I be positive, could all still be ok? Feeling incredibly sad that this pregnancy could be over too. Thanks x

Flower29 Wed 22-Oct-14 17:19:24

Hi Erica, I'm sorry you're going through this, it must be so worrying and upsetting. I have heard of women bleeding during pregnancy and everything being ok. I have also heard that sometimes a clot in the womb can cause bleeding and not harm the baby. However, I am no expert, this is only what I've read reading posts etc online. Sorry I don't have anything helpful to say. I really hope your baby's ok, I will have my fingers crossed for you and will be thinking of you tomorrow. Xxx

bakingtins Wed 22-Oct-14 19:42:35

Hi Erica sorry you are going through this, it's just the worst feeling in the world when you are pregnant after a MC and start bleeding. In many cases it is ok, you can have quite dramatic bleeding from a sub chorionic haematoma without the baby being affected, but it can also signal the start of a miscarriage. I've had it go both ways. I hope you get good news tomorrow.

Erica21 Wed 22-Oct-14 21:19:04

Thank you ladies, the bleeding was quite heavy and had stopped but started again but no large clots. Weirdly I'm still feeling nauseous and very tired so hanging on to that being pregnancy symptoms. Fingers crossed but it's so hard to be positive x

Erica21 Thu 23-Oct-14 10:36:20

Hi ladies, I just wanted to post a positive outcome, bakingtins you were right, it was a sub chorionic haematoma, but baby is fine and measuring right size with a strong heart beat. I am in shock but very happy and appreciate all your kind words, not out of the woods yet but keeping my fingers crossed that the baby keeps growing xxx

Flower29 Thu 23-Oct-14 10:48:36

Hi Erica, so pleased for you! smile I've been thinking about you this morning, thanks for letting us know. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! Take care x

ImnotawitchImyourwife Thu 23-Oct-14 14:16:53

Fantastic news! It's always great to hear a positive outcome.

Hope you are able to rest today and recover from the shock and that the rest of your pregnancy is straightforward and uneventful flowers

Erica21 Thu 23-Oct-14 14:30:21

Thank you ladies. The only thing I do wonder now is how I should 'be' in this condition, as in no exercise, limiting lifting my LO etc? I only saw a sonographer and whilst reassuring, didn't really advise me of what to expect going forward. I don't want to make anything worse by overdoing it, could I do more damage? X

bakingtins Thu 23-Oct-14 14:37:07

Great news. I had one in my last (successful) pregnancy and was told not to exert myself. It had re absorbed by my 12 week scan. Hope it continues to go well for you.

Erica21 Sun 26-Oct-14 20:47:32

Well I've had another trip to A&E and two more heavy bleeds with clots, feeling exhausted, sad, bewildered and very emotional wondering if my baby is still thriving. Scan again tomorrow. I wish bleeding in pregnancy was more known about, this has completely side swiped me and am exhausted. Sorry rant over x

bakingtins Mon 27-Oct-14 07:26:58

Good luck today erica thinking of you.

stillenacht1 Mon 27-Oct-14 07:30:58

Fingers crossed its just the haematoma coming away. I had this in both my pregnancies and have two DSs now. I bled terribly with DS1 from 11-18 weeks and again with DS2 from 13-16 weeks. Good luck xxx

Erica21 Mon 27-Oct-14 13:04:01

After a long night of heavy bleeding, scan still shows our little baby fighting on with a super strong heartbeat, can't quite believe it. Hematoma hasn't shrunk despite the blood loss so I am expecting some tricky weeks ahead. Thanks all for your support xx

Flower29 Mon 27-Oct-14 19:25:17

So glad your babys ok. smile Bet it was like heaven hearing that heartbeat!! This must be so traumatic for you, I really hope the bleeding ends soon for you and you can start to relax a little (if possible after mc!). xxx

Erica21 Mon 27-Oct-14 22:40:22

Thank you Flower29 I'm really feeling like I'm on a rollercoaster. This forum has been incredible. Have left you a message on your thread xxx

Erica21 Thu 30-Oct-14 21:55:01

Sorry ladies, I need a rant... I have been bleeding all week, sometimes it just gushes out and other times a bit lighter. I am so sad to be in this situation, I have a scan in the morning when I can only hope there will still be a heartbeat. I feel completely helpless as I know I just have to sit tight, but I can barely leave the house for fear of bleeding everywhere. I feel gross, and fat and lazy and just helpless. I know I am lucky to be pregnant but it's so hard when I'm going through maternity pads for the bleeding not to expect the worst. I feel like a crap mummy to my DS as he knows I am poorly and I can't do much with him. Sorry to rant but I needed an outlet that I don't think people in RL understand x

SunbathingCat Thu 30-Oct-14 21:58:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Flower29 Fri 31-Oct-14 06:10:23

I hope your scan goes ok this morning. Please be fair to yourself, I can't imagine how terrifying and stressful it must be to bleed during pregnancy after have a mc. Thinking of you today x

TeenageMutantNinjaTurtle Fri 31-Oct-14 06:50:29

Best of luck with the scan thanks

zoemaguire Fri 31-Oct-14 07:08:15

Good luck! I had this with all three of my children. There's nothing like it for making you feel depressed, fragile and miserable is there. I remember being on holiday in florence the first time, and all i saw of florence was the sodding hotel room! Think i ventured out once for an ice creamsmile But sit tight! It will resolve. And soon be just a bad memory. My dcs are all here, healthy, and happily asleep in their beds right now.

OK, that last bit was a lie. grin Good luck for the next scan thanks

bakingtins Fri 31-Oct-14 07:14:53

erica I'm so sorry you are going through this. It is stressful and exhausting. I hope your baby is ok at the scan today, we are rooting for you.

babyangelbean20315 Fri 31-Oct-14 07:24:12

Omg so much stress for you to deal with!!
I hope everything goes well for you today and everyone here in sure will be thinking of you I will, it sounds like you've got a mini superhero growing inside of you so hopefully all will be well, I can't begin to imagine how u must feel after already experiencing the worst to then think it could be happening again

Please update us, best of luck xXxX

Erica21 Fri 31-Oct-14 15:22:18

Ok, so it's over, the hematoma won and my baby didn't have a heartbeat this morning. ERPC booked for Monday morning. Am totally numb, two mcs in 3 months. I hung on to the fact that with a heartbeat at 8 weeks we had a 98% chance everything would be fine. I am sad I was one of the 2%. Thanks all for your positivity and kind words, it has meant a huge amount to me x

SunbathingCat Fri 31-Oct-14 16:38:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TeenageMutantNinjaTurtle Fri 31-Oct-14 17:07:31

So so sorry Erica. I hope you have good support to get you through the weekend and the days beyond. thanksthanks

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