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'Due date' approaching... Will my body know?

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Tigerstar123 Mon 01-Sep-14 21:55:18

This may sound like a really silly question, but here goes...

In March, I suffered a mmc at 12 weeks. My due date would have been 26th Sept. Me and DH were hoping to be pregnant by now, but sadly not to be :-(
The daft q is- does your body seem to know when the due date was? Or is it all just psychological?
Thanks for any experiences ladies. Xxx

SmileAndNod Mon 01-Sep-14 22:00:46

I'm afraid my body didn't, but my head and my heart certainly did, and I still think about it and 'what if' a lot.

So sorry for your loss thanks.

Tigerstar123 Mon 01-Sep-14 22:04:43

Thanks hon.

Think I'm panicking as i get to the due date as really thought we'd be pg by now. It's just awful isn't it.

Sorry for your loss too. Xxx

CorporeSarnie Mon 01-Sep-14 22:13:03

In all honesty, I think it is psychological. I found my EDD and the anniversary of my MC very hard to deal with, but not physically. I was in the fortunate position to be expecting again by my EDD, but not very, and the sense of doom approaching my due date was almost palpable.
No one else except DH would have known, but I was back to black, and had I not been pregnant I am sure I'd've drunk myself into oblivion. Counselling did help a bit but at the significant dates I still struggle.
I wish I had a more cheerful answer, but I don't think your body will know. In fact on the anniversary of the MC, DH only knew because I was a mess. Good luck and I hope your TTC quest is successful very very soon. thanks

bakingtins Tue 02-Sep-14 09:45:17

smileandnod has it. Your body won't know unless heartache counts. I found it helpful to mark the date in a positive way by buying a charity gift in memory of the baby, other people have lit candles, released balloons, planted a tree etc. If you work, try to have a day off so if you need to spend a bit of time grieving you can do it in peace. flowers

Metalhead Tue 02-Sep-14 15:02:17

I would have been due next week, and like you OP I was hoping to at least be pregnant again by now, but no, it wasn't to be. It hit me hard when AF came this week, even though I knew I was out, but like others have said I think it's the psychological milestone rather than anything physical.

CandieFlopz Thu 04-Sep-14 18:24:29

I'm in exactly this position. My due date would have been 20th Sept. I don't feel physically different as I approach the day, and I'm trying to not feel emotionally different. I've decided the right thing for me is not to mark the occasion. For me, marking the day would not contribute to my happiness and I'd feel like I was dwelling on a negative. I hope that doesn't make me sound heartless, I'm really not. Anyhow, that's just my approach and you've got to do what works for you. thanks

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