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How did you feel physically after early miscarriage

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milkyman Mon 01-Sep-14 13:30:20

I MS at 6wks, one week ago. My tummy is very bloated, I constantly need the loo (for number twos). My boobs are also enlarged - I still feel pregnant and v tired.

milkyman Mon 01-Sep-14 18:22:29


fackinell Mon 01-Sep-14 18:39:32

Sorry you are going through this, Milky. I have had 3 NMCs. At 8+4, 5+4 and 5+2. The first one was absolutely excruciating until I passed the embryo and then it was like a heavy, painful period with lots of clots. It took a while for my breasts to go back to normal and I had a swollen tummy for a week or two. I felt exhausted and drained for a few weeks after.

HeavenKnowsImMiserableNow Wed 03-Sep-14 17:02:27

I just miscarried on Monday at 11 weeks. I went through an early labour, I feel like my insides will never be the same again and I'm not sure I'm ever going to get used to the idea that my baby is just gone. I'm devastated sad.

fackinell Wed 03-Sep-14 19:04:15

I'm so sorry to hear that, Heaven. It is very traumatic and a horrific bereavement. Was this your first child? thanks

Bambamb Wed 03-Sep-14 19:08:52

sad sad times, sorry to hear your sad stories.
I've had 2 MC's and had a very sore tender tummy for a few days afterwards but boobs etc had already gone back to pre preg state - infact that was what made more know what was happening the second time before any other signs.If yyou're concerned things aren't going back to normal go see your GP. XX

HeavenKnowsImMiserableNow Wed 03-Sep-14 19:37:52

Yes, it was our first child fackinell. We're keen to try again but there's some healing to do first. I'm sure it will heal fine but I think most women feel abit weird about it all popping back into place after a full-term labour, so I'm sure it all be ok. Still seems a bit surreal I went from feeling kinda ok to having a mostly complete MC in about 6 hours.

fackinell Wed 03-Sep-14 20:35:24

Heaven and Bambamb, I know exactly how you are feeling. Statistically you're likely to carry to term next time unless like me, you've had 3. I'm more likely to lose again and I know if I do get PG then I won't be excited. Some healing will be useful to you I'm sure. thanks

Toucanet Thu 04-Sep-14 00:36:52

Similar to Bambamb - knew my first mc was happening when realised boobs had gone back to normal (on top of the bleeding), that was a 6-wk embryo but only began at 11+1 and I only passed the sac at 12+6. But then just tummy ache & sore for a few days. 2nd time med management at 12+6 again for a 9 wk pg (both delayed aka 'missed' mcs - hate that term - like you didn't notice)?!. Similarly sore and tummy ache for a few days - sitting down a bit gingerly (and continued bleeding for another 9 weeks). But no issue with needing the loo I can recall. Hope things ease up for you soon milkyman. Maybe if your pg symptoms were strong in the first place they take longer to die down - my only symptom was the breast tenderness/enlargement that vanished soon after I started bleeding, well before the mc completed.

wildfire613 Fri 05-Sep-14 17:02:39

Ok. I found out Monday I was pregnant after ttc for baby #1. I was only about 4 weeks. Wednesday I started some spotting. Early Thursday morning I started to Mc ans went to the hospital where it was confirmed. It was just like a normal period all day Thursday with a severe migraine. Now today, Friday, I feel even worst than yesterday. Cramps seem to be worst than AF, I'm nauseous, sweaty, clammy and faint. But it seems like the bleeding is slowing down already after only a day and a half. Is this normal?

I kinda hope so because we want ttc again as soon as possible. :-(

wildfire613 Fri 05-Sep-14 17:04:10

Oh and I agree. The only pregnancy symptom I had was swollen/tender boobs. This is gone already...

BlinkAndMiss Sat 06-Sep-14 00:08:03

My pregnancy symptoms disappeared right before I started bleeding after my mc at 6 weeks. About 3 days later I started with really exaggerated pmt symptoms which continued for about 5 weeks. My pmt and pregnancy symptoms are really quite different though, if yours are similar it could be that it's just your hormones trying to regulate themselves.

I did feel very puffy for a few weeks, I'm not doing much exercise T the minute though so it could just be that. I hope you feel better soon.

wildfire613 Sat 06-Sep-14 00:09:32

Thanks ladies. The worst of it seems to have passed. I'm feeling better. Just going to take it easy the rest of the weekend and get back to my regular life on Monday.

HeavenKnowsImMiserableNow Sun 07-Sep-14 10:29:40

Glad to hear your feeling better Wildfire. Most my physical symptoms have gone now too, although my emotions are still all over the place. I've asked to be signed off a week as I'm still cycling between normal, angry and crying. I think my colleagues can live without a weepy she-hulk in the office. Torn between trying again right away and leaving it awhile, would be easier if that damn biological clock wasn't ticking so loud!

HeavenKnowsImMiserableNow Sun 07-Sep-14 10:33:38

Fackinell, I'm so sorry to hear you've gone thru this 3 times. Fingers crossed that you'll get a fertilised egg with all the right ingredients and a damn good grip soon. But I've vowed not to get excited about next PG until wk 14, so I understand where you're coming from.

wildfire613 Sun 07-Sep-14 15:45:38

Do whatever you feel is best. I had a follow up yesterday and the doctor said my hcg levels are down to negative which means it was in fact a Mc and not my imagination. He also said that most couples ask him just that. "When can we start again". He said given the fact that I was so early on there really is no reason to wait. I could wait a few months for my cycles to become regular again but that's a personal choice, not a recommendation. So long as you again gainer emotionally and physically ready to try again, you can. This was good news because as soon as the bleeding stops, the hubby wants to try again. After all, we barely had time to process the fact that I was pregnant. Found out Monday morning. Lost it Thursday morning. And from what I've read over and over again, it seems you become extremely fertile after an Mc almost as if you're body is trying to make up for the last baby and get you back on track asap. It seems our bodies like to be pregnant lol

My advice to you heaven, is only you know best. Take time to sort through your emotions. After all, as you said, if you are she - hulking, then maybe wait till these emotions come to terms. Take time to grieve your baby if need be. Not everyone bounces back as easily and that's quite ok. :-)

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