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PunkAssMoFo Fri 29-Aug-14 10:30:06

Mmc at 12 weeks mid July & had medical management. It was known that I retained the placenta, but I started to pass it a week later. It was he'll, but thought it was over.

I was never followed up despite positive pregnancy tests & in the end after suspected infection I was scanned. There was still a small amount of placenta. Waited another 2 weeks, it's still there. Was told it would be more medical management, but have now been been booked for ERPC.

Obviously don't want it done, but after 6 weeks need this over. Dh moaning about taking the day off work. Do I cancel & ask for more medical management (still an option, but as it didn't work first time...) or go ahead? It's such a small piece left.

Obviously worried about risks of damage from ERPC and future pregnancies. Anyone had similar experiences? Normal pregnancies after ERPC?

allisgood1 Fri 29-Aug-14 10:42:00

I've had this twice unbelieveably. ERPC is a blind procedure so bits can get left.

I opted for the second procedure both times as I was tired of bleeding and just wanted it over with. With the last one I insisted on them using a camera, which they did.

Following 5 ERPC procedures I had a healthy pregnancy who is now 2 and another one who is now 2 days old smile so yes, it's perfectly possible to have a healthy pregnancy after ERPC.

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