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8 weeks pregnant and bleeding help!

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jenniegrog Wed 27-Aug-14 00:24:43

I am 8 weeks pregnant and started lightly bleeding last night. By coincidence had a private scan booked today. Scan saw a heartbeat but couldn't get a clear picture. I have now started to bleed more heavily, about a third of a sanitary pad but I am getting clots about the size of a penny. I know I am not ectopic because of the scan

Am I miscarrying I am very worried by the clots.

Brummiegirl15 Wed 27-Aug-14 09:07:10

Hi, I'm afraid it does sound like you are. However women can literally be gushing and baby is still fine and waving merrily away on a scan.

Best thing to do is to ring your GP or if you have the details of the Early Pregnancy unit following your scan, call them. They will rescan you and if you are miscarrying, this will show.

If you are, I'm so sorry. I had my 2nd mc last weekend am still recovering from my surgical option.

Stock up on sanitary pads and painkillers and cuddle your DP.

If however you are saturating the pads and can't get off the loo due to bleeding you should just go straight to A&E.

Big hugs xx

FinnsMum19 Wed 27-Aug-14 19:18:02

Not necessarily! Do you have any cramping? A heartbeat today is a good sign, but I would go and get checked out regardless. Bleeding doesn't always mean miscarriage, best of luck xx

showtunesgirl Sat 30-Aug-14 14:26:14

I'm in a similar position OP but my bleeding is rather like a light period.

I went to EPU on Thursday and they scanned and showed a heartbeat. I'm sure for another scan next week.

I'm still bleeding and desperately trying not to worry. Fucking hard though.

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