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stillborn at 25 weeks. pain 3 weeks after??

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louietwitch22 Sun 24-Aug-14 18:41:07

Hi i had a emergency c section at 25 weeks with stillborn son. Its been 3 weeks since it happened and ive been getting abdominal pain just below my belly button but higher than my cut. It hurts more when i wake up, laugh, cough or sneeze. It was getting better but its getting worse. Ive been put on iron tablets as in theatre i lost alot of blood. Ive been really tired but everytime i sleep when i wake up i feel like i havnt even slept. Ive also been getting a light to medium brown discharge. Is this all normal??

seasavage Sun 24-Aug-14 22:02:26

Hi, I really don't have an answer (sorry). But if your symptoms are worsening I am sure contacting a midwife or GP is a good step. You need to be sure your body is healing after what it's been through. C-Sections take a while to recover from. Get yourself the medical advice, don't wonder and add to the strain of your grief. X

DRSLondon Mon 25-Aug-14 09:11:27

So sorry for your loss x

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