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Miscarriage but spotting?

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mumoftwins2004 Sun 24-Aug-14 10:56:46

As some of you know, I miscarried just over two weeks ago. I was about 4 weeks. However I woke yesterday and there was blood when I wiped but nothing else. I've had it twice but no sign of a period as the nurse suggested there would be. I'm a bit worried in case I have caught again because the nurse told me to not attempt unprotected sex until I've had my first normal period (things got heated in the bedroom, you know how it is ladies) I would be devastated if I have as im not ready for it again just yet. Any ideas and is this normal? X

seasavage Sun 24-Aug-14 21:57:38

2 weeks since you miscarried? I was told it'd be around a usual cycle length or longer before a period (4-6).
Unless a mmc if you haven't started to bleed yet are you supposed to go to epau again?

mumoftwins2004 Mon 25-Aug-14 09:32:08

Yes just over two weeks. I was for weeks pregnant when I lost my bean. No all is done with the epau now.

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