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Slight pain after miscarriage

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Cee22 Thu 21-Aug-14 15:48:50

Hi, just wanted to find out if anyone has experienced slight pain on their right ovary a few months after their miscarriage? About 4 months ago, while I was miscarrying I felt pain on my right and sometimes on my left. Once the miscarriage was over, I could still feel twitches especially on my right. I went for a follow-up hospital appointment and everything was clear. They said that my ovaries were fine, so is that correct on thinking that they would've also detected cysts, etc too? I still do get slight pain twitches on my right and no longer on my left. It happens before ovulation and about a day during a period. DH thinks it could be my body still adjusting. I have looked up on symptons on ovarian cysts, infections and I don't seem to have any. Is it my body just readjusting or is the body never the same after a miscarriage? Has anybody experienced this?

pieceoftoast Thu 21-Aug-14 15:55:39

If they didn't mention cysts at your follow up scan I'd also assume I didn't have any. Are you feeling ok in yourself aside from these twitches? No fever/illness/sign of infection? Doesn't sound like it and unlikely now as it was several months ago but twinges/pain can be signs of infection (I had one after my last mc).

Really it does sound as though it's just your body adjusting, I get weird twinges in that area from time to time, I always put it down to ovulation/periods. I think I'm more aware of them possibly since pregnancy/having miscarriages.

Cee22 Thu 21-Aug-14 16:05:16

Thanks for your reply pieceoftoast!

seasavage Sun 24-Aug-14 22:09:59

I've had twitches in my lower abdomen since my first dd (she's 8). This was followed by dd2, 6 years to now and 2 miscarriages. If you're very concerned do dpeak with your Dr, it might be ovulation (?) / usual montly cyst dwindling. But somehow you notice it now? Me ... it's like a twitch. I think the pregnancy moved a muscle or a nerve and sometimes like an eyelid it flutters.

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