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Six weeks - symptoms abating and test showing lower HcG?

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ClipClap Mon 18-Aug-14 03:50:12

I'd really appreciate any advice please. I'm 6 weeks into my second pregnancy. After having terrible morning sickness for 2 weeks, my symptoms are disappearing (feel less sick and boobs not so sore).

I took a pg test today, and it showed 2-3 weeks since conception. A test about a week ago showed 3+.

Does it sound like I should expect to miscarry? Is it worth asking my gp for a referral to the early pregnancy unit or shall I just wait to see what happens?

lettertoherms Mon 18-Aug-14 04:21:16

I would ask for a referral, at the least to ease your mind.

There could be other reasons for a test to be showing "lighter" as it were - such as taking the test at a different time of day, with less concentrated hcg levels. It could be a bad sign, but the EPU can test how your hcg levels are rising or possibly do a scan.

Best wishes thanks

ClipClap Mon 18-Aug-14 04:28:10

Thank you letter, I will call my gp tomorrow.

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