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Bleeding, early sacan - no heartbeat - plese help, I'm so confused

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ajaysmum Thu 14-Aug-14 11:07:53

Hi ladies,
I'm hoping for some advice. I am (was?, I don't know) 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant today according to my last period. on Tuesday (it feels like a million years ago) I was at work and had bad cramps and I started to bleed, bright red blood. I called the dr immediately, left work and had a scan yesterday. I already have a three year old and bled with him at 8 weeks too. This time, the bleeding didn't last long and I had some large amounts then brown blood and it tailed off quickly.
The scan went ok, it was tough though, it was a vaginal one and they saw the sac but the embryo only measured 2.7mm. They said this was (quote) 'off the scale' on the lower end and they'd expect me to be much further along. They also couldn't detect a heartbeat and told me to expect the worst and come back for a scan in a week.
I still have a bloated tummy, breasts are sore and tender. I have No idea if I am pregnant still or not.
I bled again yesterday a few hours after the scan, it was bright red again and stopped quickly and turned to brown. Today I have only a tiny bit of brown nothing more. I've had cramps but they have stopped.
So there was no heart beat and the embryo is much much smaller than they would expect at my dates.
I did a HPT this morning and it was still very positive.
I keep reading posts online, some positive some negative.
I read tables online for the crown to rump length and I understand that 2.7mm is way off the chart, it should be 5mm at five weeks and I'm over six weeks so I know that's not good.
I just don't know, am I pregnant or not? I now have to wait a week to find out. Will I even know then? It's so mentally exhausting and my poor husband as well, neither of us know whether to be positive or whether that is unrealistic?
I had to leave work on Tuesday because of the bleeding, no one knew I was pregnant. I told my boss after that I have miscarried but have I? I don't even know - people say it could be fine, but I just don't know what to think.
Any advice? Thanks for reading x

bakingtins Thu 14-Aug-14 11:25:57

I'm so sorry you are in this limbo ajaysmum it's very hard to cope with. An embryo should be growing 1mm a day by that stage and in most cases should have a HB beyond the 6+ week stage. The difficulty is that a small discrepancy in dates would mean that what they are seeing is completely normal at 5+ weeks. NICE guidelines are to repeat the scan in 7-10 days and look for an appropriate amount of growth and development of a heartbeat. If there is no change then you will be offered expectant, medical or surgical management. This policy makes life very difficult in the meantime, but they have to be cautious and can't risk damaging a pregnancy that could be viable. It's possible that you will miscarry naturally whilst you are waiting so I'd suggest reading the " tips for coping" thread. The Miscarriage Association website has very clear and informative fact sheets on diagnosing miscarriage and treatment options.
In a missed miscarriage your body continues to produce HCG and you still get all the pregnancy symptoms and test positive even though the embryo has stopped growing, so I'm afraid that doesn't mean much either way.
How you deal with it whilst you wait is v personal. If there is a possibility your dates are out then it could be fine, if you are certain of them then that's less likely. I have found it easier to prepare for the worst, but other people decide to be positive until proven otherwise.
Plenty of handholding available here while you wait, and we will be delighted to congratulate you on a happy outcome or help you come to terms with a loss.

ajaysmum Thu 14-Aug-14 11:55:23

Thanks for your reply. I thought I was spot on with dates as I had a positive ovulation stick on day 20 so knew/thought that was it. I'm no 28 DPO. I just don't know what to think. It happened in work and people are asking and I don't know what to say (I know I don't have to say anything but they are friends and care, so I want to be honest with my closest friends).
They did offer me another scan next Wednesday so that was good but they were trying to manage my expectations that was very explicit. So I don't know therefore if they are just trying to manage my expectations down so I'm delighted if it's good news or not.
Do you think the fresh bleeding is another bad sign? It stopped as quickly as it started.
I fluctuate between being positive and then negative again - who knows. But thank you for your reply. x

TinyTear Thu 14-Aug-14 12:02:40

So sorry. As you had OPK I'm afraid it might be bad news...
They always offer another scan a week later to make sure and also because some people who aren't actively TTC won't be as sure of their dates

whenever i was scanned at the EPU and they asked "are you sure of your dates" i know it's bad news... (I have had 5mc, 1 chemical and have 1 DD)

The limbo week is just terrible... In my mind I would prepare for the worse... if things turn out ok it will be better

bakingtins Thu 14-Aug-14 12:06:54

If you are 28 dpo then you would expect to measure 6 weeks exactly today, and 5+5 on the day you were scanned. Working it out from lmp assumes a 28 day cycle and ovulation on day 14, it will throw your dates out if you have a longer cycle. I think in that case it is very much up in the air - what was seen could be perfectly ok for a 5+ week pregnancy, and you will have to hang in there and hope that next week there is a 6+ week pregnancy in there. Hope you get good news.

ajaysmum Thu 14-Aug-14 12:12:57

Thanks my cycle is usually 31-32 days long but has been 28 days and 33 at the most - so not that regular but not that irregular either.

So actually I could be less than 6 +4 that I thought then? That might be good news maybe......?

Some months I didn't get a positive ovulation but this month the stick was definitely positive, hence why I was sure..... but who knows. I'm not bleeding now so that has given me more hope as it's nearly 24 hours since any bleed but I know that isn't the only sign..... thank you ladies, I am so grateful for your replies.

bakingtins Thu 14-Aug-14 12:16:13

Add 14 days to your days post ov to work out what you should be measuring, rather than using LMP. If you ovulated day 20 then LMP will put you 6 days ahead of where you actually are.

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