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Is it definitely all over?

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Happyringo Tue 12-Aug-14 13:54:01

6 + 4 today.

I am 41, and have 2 dds, aged 14 and 2. (I was previously sterilised after dd1 but we paid to have it reversed when I met my now DH.) I have had 1 previous miscarriage at 5/6 weeks in late 2012, plus a termination at 13 weeks last summer due to Trisomy 18 found on scan. Couple of chemicals since then too sad

Started brown spotting 2 days ago, I wasn't overly worried as had this in previous pregnancies. But then in the night it went bright red, and have been having cramps and passing clots, and a bit of what I can only describe as gristle. My GP said just wait and see what happens (I was kind of hoping for a scan!)

My boobs had stopped being sore, but now today they are sore again (although not as much as before) and I am still testing positive. I realise it can take ages for a test to go negative.

I don't know what I'm asking really, clutching at straws I know! I had booked a private scan for Friday (early scan always advised after sterilisation reversal due to higher ectopic risk) I'm tempted to keep this to be honest so that they can at least confirm it's all over...

Happyringo Tue 12-Aug-14 14:11:19

Oh meant to add...there are two EPUs near but they will only see people referred by GP or Midwife

thesmallbear Tue 12-Aug-14 15:27:38

Hello, I know some people do bleed and it doesn't always end in an MC. Having said that, the cramps sound worrying and the gristle you describe sounds like it could be part of the pregnancy sac sad I would say gristle is similar to a description I would have maybe used for the stuff I passed when I miscarried sad I hope I am wrong though.

thesmallbear Tue 12-Aug-14 15:30:53

P.s. do you have a named midwife yet? Could you perhaps persuade her to refer you if your GP is being unhelpful? It may be that s/he won't refer you yet as there's not a lot you can see on a scan at 6 weeks. Did s/he give a reason for not offering a scan?

Happyringo Tue 12-Aug-14 15:37:40

Hi thanks for replying. I didn't get to speak to the GP, the receptionist went and asked him, told him my symptoms and that was the message related back. I'm sure it is a miscarriage really, think I was just clutching at straws. This baby was so wanted, but I guess some things just aren't meant to be and given my age we are already incredibly lucky with our beautiful dd thanks

Happyringo Fri 15-Aug-14 20:21:54

Quick update...yesterday I felt awful, was in lots of discomfort and bleeding ridiculous amounts. I went to see my GP who sent me to the EPU. Long story short...have said at the moment is a Pregnancy of Unknown Location. There is no pregnancy in my uterus. They can't exclude ectopic yet he said, and I am going back tomorrow for repeat bloods and they will take it from there. My HCG was 266 (which I think is a bit too low for an ectopic from what I've read) and my progesterone was 1.0. A pretty shit week but hopefully will all be over for us soon x

Tranquilitybaby Tue 19-Aug-14 01:11:56

Didn't want to read and run. My hcg at 6+1 was 275 with my ectopic and my progesterone was 17. Such a low progesterone level at 6 weeks wouldn't be able to sustain a pregnancy I don't think unfortunately. I hope you have some more answers by now, being in limbo is awful xx

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