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How long did it take for your hcg levels to drop after natural miscarriage?

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Boysclothes Fri 08-Aug-14 09:59:53

I had LMP 9/6 and a BFP on 13/7. Had had spotting at that time and it continued and I have been bleeding/spotting continuously since. Scan on 23/7 confirmed an empty uterus with thin lining and I was told the mc was complete. HCG on that day was 110. Two weeks later (so on tues) they were 90. This seems an agonisingly slow drop to me as I'm desperate to start trying again, and I'm STILL bleeding with no signs of slowing down, although it's not hugely heavy. They want to test me weekly until levels are below 12. Has anyone had such a slow drop or can I expect it to start dropping quicker now?

BlinkAndMiss Fri 08-Aug-14 11:35:13

Boysclothes I really feel for you, I'm going through the same and I'm utterly miserable. Here's a hug, not very mumsnet but there are no words to make things better really.

I took a pregnancy test at the drs a week after it happened and whilst I was still bleeding. I have to get those results today but I'll update and let you know. It has only been a week but my dr did say that if it was still positive to do a HTP next week, it's not unusual for levels to go down slowly. Part of me doesn't want to know at this point, I'm using OPK sticks every day from now so I can track ovulation so I'm able to try again. I just think it's helping to put me in a better place, mentally, than hoping for a negative pregnancy test.

I'm not sure about the level of hormones but have you taken an HPT? I could be wrong but are the hospital tests more sensitive than the HPTs and if so you'd show negative at home more quickly? I think once you show negative on an HPT the drs are happy that your levels are going to 0.

My dr seemed to think that it could be a slow process but she also said if there is a clot 'stuck' then the bleeding would continue until it cleared. She gave me a sweep which really helped everything to clear out, not pleasant but it did work. Maybe you need to go back to your GP, if there is a small clot left then it might have been too low down off the ultrasound to pick up.

I hope things go back to normal soon. This is such an awful time, but so many of us go through it.

BlinkAndMiss Fri 08-Aug-14 14:56:28

Test result from dr is negative, so 1 week and I was 6+3.

Boysclothes Fri 08-Aug-14 15:07:11

Thanks blink. I'm really glad it's all over for you. I've heard from everyone including the gynae SpR that you get a surge in fertility after a mc, so hope it happens quickly for you if you're trying again. I'm under the local EPU for my blood tests and they seems quite happy with it all. They have said it's variable, takes a few weeks etc but a drop of 10 units a week, at this rate I'll still be here at blummin Christmas! Bleeding every day for the last month is just horrible too, I keep thinking "my baby is dribbling out of me" which is a horrible phrase but it seems stuck in my head. I also have a spider the size of my hand stuck in the kitchen sink!

BlinkAndMiss Fri 08-Aug-14 19:33:44

That exactly what I thought, awful but I couldn't make myself think of it in any other way. I just feel a bit shell shocked now I think, like I can't quite believe what just happened. It all just seems so final and like it never happened which is good in a way because I can move on but I'm not sure it feels 'right' to just dismiss it all, IYKWIM. I really hope that surge in fertility is true for me too, I've heard that but I'm scared to think I could even get pregnant again incase I'm disappointed. I'm just going to keep on with the OPKs until I see that I ovulate, it's going to cost me a fortune.

I don't have a lot of experience with hospitals but when I was in for something unrelated to fertility I became really obsessed with numbers and levels. I realised that sometimes the numbers aren't important (although they can give an indication of how quickly something is developing/going). The morning I was discharged I convinced myself I was dying because my infection level was only about 3 points below what it was the blood test before - turns out it showed I was getting better and they let me go home. I think once the hormone level is dropping then that's the best sign of everything going back to normal. It must be so frustrating if you've been bleeding for a long time, a month sounds very tough going. I hope it's over for you soon, the EPU will have seen all scenarios and if they're happy then it's more than likely that it is all going as it should be.

I asked my dr about levels when she rang with my result, she just said that the test was negative and the numbers are not very relevant, I think I must have a note on my medical records about being obsessive or something! But maybe it really isn't that relevant. I'd probably take an HTP in a few days and see what it says. I'm sure the level will drop more quickly than 10 each week once your body gets used to not being pregnant. That sounds awful and insensitive, but hopefully you know I don't intend to be, I just don't know how else to put it.

Fingers crossed that we're both super fertile after this (if you're trying again), we need some good news! That spider sounds scary, did you get it? Don't try setting it on fire, in the news it said that someone was trying to kill a fly with an aerosol and a lighter but ended up burning their house down. I'd Hoover it up! Then put the Hoover outside for someone else to deal with smile.

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