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Aged 40, just had 3rd mc. Are there are any "chat over a cuppa groups" in the Epsom area?

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km105 Sun 03-Aug-14 21:16:58

Don't have a huge amount of access to mumsnet and am looking to see if there are any groups that meet or a chat over a cuppa.

Have an amazingly supportive DH, no DC and we're still hopeful...just. Haven't told many people...hence looking for a group rather than talking to people who don't really get it.

I know there's not much to say but thought i'd ask smile

BigSuprise Sun 03-Aug-14 23:37:13

Didn't want to pass your message by. not recurrent mc. I have one DD that took over 2yrs ttc then basically we have never used any contraception and she is nearly 8. Finally thought we had managed it recently only to mc at 11 weeks. I can imagine how much you need to talk to people about how you are feeling.

freelancegirl Sun 03-Aug-14 23:43:37

Cant help in terms of RL support but I just wanted to say that I have had 7 miscarriages (4 before my DS, one since and am currently 18 weeks pregnant) and Ive been treated by a great specialist who is actually based in Epsom - Mr Shehata at New Life Centre It might be worth you speaking to the clinic.

The miscarriage boards here was really helpful, both because that's where I heard about the specialists out there and also in terms of emotional support that eventually became real life support as some of us made friends. I couldn't have managed without it. Sorry if that's not helpful being that you don't have a huge amount of access to mumsnet but just to say it's here.

bakingtins Mon 04-Aug-14 13:51:24

I think there's a real lack of support IRL - I know of one miscarriage support group in my area (sorry nowhere near you) but even there as a recurrent miscarrier you are out of the ordinary. I've had loads of support from the RMC thread on here (just started thread 11) so whenever you can access a computer we're here to help. Are you being referred for testing? You can ask the RMC clinic if they know of any local support.
I've just had my DD, aged 39, after 3 consecutive miscarriages, plus another MC between my sons. There is always hope. flowers

Andcake Mon 04-Aug-14 13:57:26

Didn't want to read and tun but after 3 you should be able to get referred to recurrent mc clinic. Also although not rl support and probably not terribly helpful but when i opened up to a few people about mc in real life it was astounding how many people came out of the woodwork who had suffered - some who went on to have dc some not! think my sil, mil, aunt and a few friends. I was successful at 40 with no dc prior - good luck

kmm105 Thu 07-Aug-14 18:32:36

Hi ladies

Thanks so much. I'm sorry I didn't explain very well, head is all over the place. I am under Mr Shehata at Epsom but think there's been a bit of a discrepancy with my NK results. I think I was looking for a support group who might meet either at the hospital or somewhere locally. Have since found one at St Thomas' Hospital which is where I work. Just like the idea of sitting and chatting to others over a cup of tea.... or glass of wine! With limited access to the site I liked the idea of some face to face contact. Struggling with this last miscarriage more than I thought sad

I appreciate your replies. Back to see Mr Shehata on 12th Sept.

Thanks for your words of support x

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