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Another DTD thread - sorry!

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linadee26 Wed 09-Jul-14 18:24:57

After posting at the start of the week wondering when DH and I could DTD again. We finally managed last night.
After a MMC at 11 weeks, I had an ERPC exactly two weeks ago today and bleeding stopped 6 days ago.

However, today I noticed blood again. Not a lot. Light spotting.
Is this normal? I'm assuming that it is, given everything that has happened but threw out all the leaflets I got at the hospital as I was sick of looking at them and trying to find answers to why this happened to me!

Just looking to make sure. Thanks

Catlover2014 Thu 10-Jul-14 06:58:03

I'm not sure. I mc'd almost three months ago and sex felt really strange up until this week. I think it just takes time for things to settle down. X

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