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First period after a miscarriage.

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thesmallbear Mon 07-Jul-14 16:37:06

Was anyone's first period after a miscarriage horrendous?

I had the medical management of the miscarriage on 11th June. I had been bleeding for about five weeks before I got to that point (3 scans before they established that the pregnancy would 100% not continue).

The bleeding eventually settled down to spotting/hardly anything. Then a couple of days after I thought I was getting back to normal, the bleeding started up again (on 2nd July). I assume this is my period, however, this would make it now day 5 of my period, so it should be showing signs of slowing down and getting ready to stop. No such luck, it's been very heavy from Thursday, soaking through pads in less than half an hour with large clots. Is this normal after a miscarriage and when is it likely to get less heavy?

Has anyone else been through this?

thesmallbear Mon 07-Jul-14 16:41:53

Also, although the bleeding is heavy I'm not in any pain with it. Obviously I'm happy that it doesn't hurt, but it does seem a bit weird that it doesn't.

Mummywithlove Mon 21-Jul-14 10:06:38

with all 3 of my Mc's I bled for 2 and a half weeks, first week was unconfutable quite tender and heavy bleeding soaked pads, and the 2nd weeks wasn't to bad still bleeding a lot but not in pain,... it will settle down.. sometimes you can bleed and then nothing for a day and then bleed again... im not to sure about the large clots maybe you should go see a Doc they can advice you better than anyone,,
ATB Emma x

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