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MMC at 12 Week scan

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ClemFandango Tue 01-Jul-14 14:01:30

Hi, first time poster here. Just been for my 12 week scan today to find out that the baby has not developed past 6 weeks and this is classed as a Missed Miscarriage.

I am obviously upset, however remain eternally grateful that we have a little boy already so I know we are really very lucky. We are due to be going abroad on Monday, I had thought it would be ok to still go, however the hospital were keen to say that there is a risk of heavy bleeding and we should consider the risks carefully. I asked if we should cancel the holiday but they said they couldn't advise us either way. There is no option to have any kind of medical intervention as due to new protocols we have to wait for a second scan one week after the first to fully confirm the MMC.

We saw the scan - external and internal and there was a tiny dot and no heartbeat, I also started bleeding yesterday so I am pretty sure this is the end. Just wanted to ask for people's opinions really as to whether it is really stupid to consider going abroad under these circumstances. Thanks in advance for your help and so sorry to anyone else who has been in this awful situation.

jnl0612 Tue 01-Jul-14 15:52:07

I had a 16 week miscarriage and had a holiday booked we went away 8 days after
I was still bleeding but I felt although it was a family holiday with the kids, it was nice to get away and put my feet up before going back to work etc
Just make sure you have insurance just in case

ClemFandango Tue 01-Jul-14 17:19:32

Thanks for the reply, we do have insurance, I'm more anxious as I haven't actually had the miscarriage itself yet and have no idea what it might be like. Have searched on here and experiences vary but it might be awful to be away and going through it.

linadee26 Thu 03-Jul-14 00:05:01

Hi Clem.
im so sorry to read about your mmc. I have also recently experienced this. Mmc discovered at 9 weeks and the miscarriage happened naturally 4 days after being discovered. It was a horrible, traumatic experience that resulted in me being blue lighted in an ambulance to the hospital as I lost so much blood that my blood pressure dropped right down and I almost passed out. I also needed to go to theatre as not all of the tissue came away on its own.

IMHO - Be at home if you can be. I know that everyone's experience is different but it's not worth the risk as it really can be horrendous :-(

Also (a secondary thought), will your insurance cover you if you need medical attention for something you were aware could happen before your travelled?

Alternatively, push for another earlier scan. Call your midwife and say you can't take the waiting for it just to happen. You know the other options that are available to you and you want to proceed to allow yourself to begin to move on.
This is what I did although I was going to have to wait a week for the surgery and it ended up happening naturally anyway!

I hope everything goes ok for you


ClemFandango Thu 03-Jul-14 13:38:18

Hi Linadee, thanks for your reply. So sorry for your loss, sounds like a frightening experience for you. Things seem to have happened naturally for me. Have been bleeding and have passed some clots. Only had minor discomfort so far. Spoke to insurance company and we are still covered. We did try to press for a quicker resolution in hospital, however the scan has to be at least 1 week after the first due to new protocols. Apparently this is due to recent incidents, which sounds like a terrible mistake was made for some unlucky person :-( . I will see how I am at the weekend and take it from there. Just flopping about at home distracting myself with crap tv!

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