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Normal to still be waiting for AF?

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ots Tue 01-Jul-14 00:20:29

Had ERPC on 2nd June after discovering MMC on 28th May. I bled for about 5 days after ERPC.
Still haven't had my first period since. Is this normal?

Mumyum1 Tue 01-Jul-14 00:30:44

Commiserations on your miscarriage. I hope you are alright?? Your period is basically loss of the lining of the uterus that your body had prepped in case you got pregnant. In the event there is no conception, the lining gets shed. Your lining was shed (artificially) during the ERCP. Your hormones need to go back to being cyclical post pregnancy, ovulation commences, the lining is given a chance to thicken, then you will get another period. So long story short, it's still a bit early for a period. You might miss it completely for 1-2 months even.

ots Tue 01-Jul-14 06:55:18

Thank you. I'm not doing too bad now. The first 2 weeks were really hard, and still getting the odd day where I just feel like crying all day,.but the good days definitely outweigh the bad now. Our lovely little DS helps with that.

Thank you for explaining things, it makes a lot more sense now. Its only been 4 weeks so I guess I could be waiting a bit longer.

Mumyum1 Tue 01-Jul-14 08:03:55

I'm glad you're doing better, be patient with your body, then have sex for fun before it becomes work! Xo

KeithTheCat Tue 01-Jul-14 08:32:26

hi ots I'm sorry for your loss flowers

I had an ERPC in Jan this year and didn't get a period until April, although I always had irregular periods before. I think average is around 6-8 weeks. good luck. x

DontBeBlueBeARainbow Tue 01-Jul-14 09:26:03

Hi ots

I'm glad to hear you're doing a bit better, I was following your earlier posts.

I suffered a MMC early May and opted for natural management. The bleeding finally stopped last week (after 6 weeks in total!) and that's really good, but I am so impatient for my body to get itself back to normal. We're not sure if we're going to TTC right away, but I just want to feel like me again, not in limbo.

Thanks mumyum for the info, I won't expect anything to happen for a while then....

Best wishes ots thanks

broodylicious Tue 01-Jul-14 19:08:34

Hi ots. So sorry for your loss hmm but good to hear you're coping well with the sadness. I mc naturally at 12 weeks (just hours before my scanhmm) and I bled for 12 weeks due to baby still being retained inside me. I had a procedure and then finally stopped bleeding after a few days. AF arrived 5.5 weeks later, with clockwork ovulation 14 days beforehand. Take time to recover hun, it's a nasty business this mc stuff xx

ots Thu 03-Jul-14 15:37:47

Thanks to all of you for your replies. I've had so much support here this past month smile .

Started bleeding this morning, after having 'time of the month' symptoms for a couple of days. So relieved, means my body is getting back to normal.

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