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2 mc

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Minifan1 Sat 28-Jun-14 13:45:13

Hello all

I have just experienced my 2 mc in less than 6 mths, my first baby died at 5-6 weeks I knew something was wrong when I started bleeding an early scan confirmed the baby was not developing and I was informed I would miscarry and I did a few days later.
Second time was more heartbreaking as yet again I started bleeding this time at 6 + 5 weeks I went for an early scan but to my surprise there was my little baby with a strong heartbeat which gave me hope, sadly a few days later I lost my baby, both times it has been a complete miscarry very abrupt and over very quickly.
I'm heartbroken I'm drained physically and mentally.
I have an opp with my gp to discuss a possible way forward if any.

Avarose1234 Sat 28-Jun-14 17:19:22

So sorry to hear about your miscarriages, I lost my first baby a couple of weeks ago at 6 weeks and it is utterly heartbreaking. The doctors on the early pregnancy unit told me that it is common for miscarriages to occur so early on which gives a small glimmer of hope in an otherwise horrible situation. I'm sorry I haven't got any advice other than your doing the best thing visiting your GP. Good luck in the future x

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