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Am I doing the right thing?

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Catlover2014 Fri 27-Jun-14 21:17:59

Hi ladies,

Just wanted to get advice!

Those of you who know my story will know I have had five years of infertility and this year two mmc after taking Letrozole and progesterone.

Mc tests all came back clear and I have now been advised to try again. I have been prescribed my drugs with a slight tweak plus the addition of 5mg folic and 75mg of aspirin.

It will have been three periods since my 2nd mc when I try again but I am cynical and emotional. NHS IVF funding has gone due to their mc policy so I can't have that anymore as we can't afford to pay private.

If you were me would you try the drugs one more time? X

MikeLitoris Fri 27-Jun-14 21:22:50

I was in a similar position to you (minus infertility) and I gave it one last go. 4 miscarriages with no clear reason found. I had high dose folic acid, aspirin and heparin injections. I was incredibly lucky and managed to have Dd.

It's a massive desicion to make. Good luck whatever choice you make.

Catlover2014 Fri 27-Jun-14 21:38:49

Hi Mike that's so nice to hear.

I suppose it is worth trying again but I am scared. I hope the babies don't feel any pain etc, I'd hate to inflict any suffering onto them sad


MikeLitoris Fri 27-Jun-14 22:43:09

Making the decision to stop is sometimes the easier one I think.

I remember with the first few feeling so determined that I was never going to stop trying. The last one put me in a pretty dark place and I knew I couldn't have kept on much longer. I said I'd have tried once with heparin and then have one shot at (privately funded) IVF (icsi).

Catlover2014 Sat 28-Jun-14 08:03:32

Do you mind me asking what heparin does and why you had it? Thinking I may ask my consultant if I can try that this time too! X

MikeLitoris Sat 28-Jun-14 08:11:51

It's a blood thinner. Although most of my tests came back normal for clotting issues my consultant was keen to throw everything at it. I did have a problem with Free protein S levels, but the results were so varied I never got a clear answer.

Catlover2014 Sat 28-Jun-14 10:50:57

Oh ok thanks for letting me know. I'll ask the consultant if I can have that too. I'll try anything to be honest.

Thanks for chatting, helps to know other people have faced similar and had a good outcome.


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