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Is this normal for a medically managed miscarriage?

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ChristopherRobin Fri 27-Jun-14 14:14:53

Just wondering if this is normal.
I had a MMC at 11.5 weeks last Thursday (so 8 days ago) and opted for the medical management as I just wanted to get home and cry to be honest. I had the tablets and bled heavily that night, felt large lumps come out so thought that must have worked. Since then I have continued to bleed heavily, and everytime I wipe there is still lots of clots/stringy blood (sorry TMI!)
Today I have found a much larger clump that almost looks like a piece of liver and it smells a bit 'fleshy'. I'm not due to go to the hospital/doctors again for a rescan or anything, they just told me to do a pregnancy test after 3 weeks and come back through A&e if in pain.
I'm not in pain and am reluctant to spend hours in a&e if this is totally normal.
Is it?!

bakingtins Fri 27-Jun-14 19:39:20

To me that sounds like you had retained a piece of tissue after the MMC that you have now passed. If you continue to pass clots or tissue then I'd get yourself checked out and rescanned, but if the bleeding settles down now then hopefully it's all over. If you continue to have a positive HPT they will rescan to make sure there is no further products remaining.

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