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Hand holding please

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sebsmummy1 Thu 05-Jun-14 13:52:38

I am so so sick of my worthless piece of shit body and it's determination to menstruate every 25 days regardless of whether I am pregnant or not. I don't understand why the cycle is so insanely strong!!

I was pregnant in January, I tested a good strong positive pretty quickly. My numbers rose nicely and the Clearblue Coception indicator did everything it should, yet my body started bleeding at the time my period was due and just wouldn't let up until I miscarried at 6 weeks.

This time I got my period one day late, normal flow, then tested positive straight afterwards. My numbers never went above 200, yet my body went a full cycle with low numbers, then started bleeding at the the time my period was due. Bled medium/heavy for 14 days and on day 16 i tested negative on an hpt. Excellent i think, maybe I will ovulate this cycle, just late. Oh no, stupid me, i've been tracking HIGH on my fertility monitor with no sign of impending ovulation and then today, on cd23 I start spotting again. I will bet you everything in my bank account that in two days time I shall get my fucking, twatting period again.

I know I'm 39 and I know in all likelyhood I am not capable of carrying another pregnancy to term, but I am so desperately sad and frustrated about it and no matter how much I fill my days I can't shake my sadness. All the people in real life who I can talk to are just sick of hearing about it, so I guess this is therapy for me. ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! sad

JokersGiggle Thu 05-Jun-14 15:17:25

Hand holding thanks
I've never carried to term sad

mrsdiddlydoo Thu 05-Jun-14 15:32:45

This baby making business sucks sometimes. I'm sorry I have nothing more useful to add Sebs, but couldn't read and leave. I thought my body was on the mend after my first MC 6 weeks ago. Had af last week and everything but woke up in pool of blood this morning. Figured it would ease off the rest of today and no... I've just bled all over a friends carpet and bathroom. Not my highest point. Just waiting to go to see a GP but not assuming they'll be much help. I'm here. Hand holding thanks

escorpion Thu 05-Jun-14 15:41:15

So sorrysebsmummy I have had two miscarrigaes too and both also started with spotting and bleeding when I would have had my period, slow growth of embryo and it all being over between week 6-8. It´s shit. I sometimes think I am never going to be a mum thanks

JokersGiggle Thu 05-Jun-14 16:59:03

Anyone else find themselves "pram peeping" and end up making themselves sadder?

Catlover2014 Wed 11-Jun-14 12:17:16

Just wanted to say how sorry I am. I have a period every 25 days too and I'm sure it's a part of my infertility / 2 mcs. Hope you get your sticky bean soon. Don't give up!!! Xxx

threepiecesuite Wed 11-Jun-14 12:25:46

Sorry Sebs x
I was on the 10months+ thread with you some time ago and know how hard it is.
I'm not pg yet either. Month #31 or something now, I've stopped counting. Hycosy in a few weeks.

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