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I feel I need to move on

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calistamommy Thu 05-Jun-14 12:16:56

I had my 2nd miscarage 14 wks ago today at 5wks 5days. my 1st loss was 5 yrs ago and I just can't seem to get on. every Thursday I think " ?? wks ago today I miscarried " & every Saturday I think " I should be ?? wks pregnant today" I'm still so heart broken and feel empty. I have a beautiful 6yr old daughter and find myself worrying more now that something will happen to her like an accident or I keep checking on her at night ( not major morbid thoughts just scared she'll leave me to) she was 4th cycle ivf so we lost 4 embrios at implantation stage before we had her. I know how stupid and ott I sound. I'm trying so hard to move on & put a face on. I'm just low. sorry for rambling

mistlethrush Thu 05-Jun-14 12:20:00

Holding hand. I know, I've been there. Feel exactly the same, although DS is 9 - and we gave up ttc any more when he was 4 because the two mc post him were so stressful (other complications). I have decided that I'm going to make the most of him being and only rather than pine for the sibling I was never able to give him. There are still odd waves of panic though.

Treaclepie19 Tue 10-Jun-14 22:27:15

I know how you feel with the weekly thoughts.
Tomorrow would've been my 12 week mark. Saturday will be 4 weeks since I started bleeding.

I have no children yet so can't comment on that but please don't think you have to move on. Give yourself time xxx

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