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Following ERPC

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ots Wed 28-May-14 20:53:15

I found out today that my baby's heart stopped beating about 2 weeks ago and is measuring at 6 weeks (meant to be 8). I'm barely bleeding and am leaning towards ERPC for management so its over and done with. I'm a little bit worried about the risks, does anyone have experience of this?
Also would I need to stay overnight in hospital or is it a day procedure? Thanks.

Purplefrogshoes Wed 28-May-14 22:41:14

I've had erpc x 3 after mc, it's a day procedure under GA, I was allowed to have my DH with me right until I went to theatre, I had very little pain and very little bleeding afterwards. I'm so very sorry you lost your baby ots

Catlover2014 Wed 28-May-14 23:04:35

Hi ots, so sorry to hear your story and for your loss sad

I've had two mc - one natural and one ERPC. Can honestly say the ERPC was much less painful and much less distressing.

I've had three D&Cs in total (other two for gynae reasons) and have always been allowed home about 8 hours afterwards. It's a very low risk procedure and DH will be able to stay with you until you go to theatre if you decide it's the right option for you.

Lots of lovely supportive ladies on here so keep in touch.


JBrd Thu 29-May-14 09:06:02

So sorry about your loss thanks

Did they actually offer you the ERPC for management? I'm asking because from what I have been told, the sac needs to be of a certain size for this procedure to be possible, to avoid any damage. For my 3rd mc (discovered at 8 weeks), I couldn't have ERPC because everything was too small.

I had an ERPC for my first mc, natural or medical management for the others. I agree that it is a very straightforward procedure (with the obvious risks associated due to GA and it being an invasive technique), very little pain, and you exactly when it will all be over, which is a huge relief in such a stressful time.
However, I found that my recovery from the natural and medical management was much quicker, my body almost immediately 'bounced' back - with ERPC it took me much longer, and I felt very tired and worn out for a few weeks afterwards. But this might well be have been partly due to the emotional rollercoaster!

But that is my personal experience. You need to do what feels right for you. It is such a heartbreak, no need to add any extra stress.

ots Thu 29-May-14 19:12:07

Thanks everyone. Met with the doctor today who explained all about the procedure. I'm booked in for monday morning at 7.30. Feeling nervous and just want it all over and done with.
Had an internal while I was there and the cervix was partially open, so she said I may miscarry naturally over the weekend.

I was holding it all together until I had to sign a consent form to allow the foetus to be cremated sad . I'm not sure what I thought would happen to it but I had no idea it would be cremation. Just feel numb now x

Purplefrogshoes Sat 31-May-14 23:40:13

So sorry ots hope you are doing ok flowers

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