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Does this sound like a MC?

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Millie2013 Tue 27-May-14 04:57:43

History: we have been using contraceptive (condoms), but for a few weeks, I have had brown spotting and pain, on and off. Pregnancy wasn't really on my radar, but when I went to the GP about it last week, she insisted on a test and it occurred to me that this is what happened in my last (successful) pregnancy, early on.And my boobs had been a bit tender
Test was -ve, GP told me to re-test this week and if +ve to get a referral to the EPU

The spotting continued over the weekend and yesterday, turned to black, gritty discharge, then to lots of bright red blood, with quite large clots and the pain got worse. I also feel quite bleugh and a bit shivery (not feverish)

Does this sound like a potential MC? Even with the -ve test? I expected that if there ever were a pregnancy, the HCG levels would remain high for a while? But my friend had a MMC and tested -ve

Any thoughts welcome, but I will call the GP today and see what she says. I'm just struggling to get my head around it, given that it wasn't a planned pregnancy (if that's what it was)

Thank you

TeaandHobnobs Tue 27-May-14 08:54:48


I think it could be a mc - do call your GP again today, and hopefully they will redo your bloods and/or send you to an EPU to be scanned.

Sorry you are going through this thanks

Greyhound Tue 27-May-14 09:02:36

I honestly don't know; I would def contact GP in case you need a scan.

It does sound like a mc sad

JBrd Tue 27-May-14 11:20:07

When would your period have been due? It could be a 'chemical' pregnancy, where your egg was fertilized, but failed to implant... Just a guess. However, that would usually show up as a +ve test (as far as I know).
They might need to do a blood test to confirm what is going on, I'd definitely speak to the GP again, if you are not feeling well as well.
Hope you get some answers soon.

Millie2013 Tue 27-May-14 14:49:34

Thanks everyone.
GP did another pregnancy test, which was -ve, so he's referred me for blood tests and a scan, as I'm in quite a lot of pain. And I have meds to slow the bleeding down

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