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follow up after D&C

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SimplyComplicated Sat 24-May-14 01:59:14

Should there be some kind of follow up appointment or something after having a D&C?
Its been almost 3 weeks since I MC at 12 weeks, but was not told when I left the hospital if that was everything 'done with' or if I would have to go see my GP or anything.confused I wasn't scanned at all either before or after D&C and after reading a few other threads on here it seems like people were either scanned or told to take a HPT a few weeks after (which I wasn't either!) I have stopped bleeding now too, and suppose I just want to know if this is all the physical stuff over and done with!

jnl0612 Sat 24-May-14 08:06:58

You should have a 6 week check up.
You probably were scanned during the erpc my surgeon told me they do it during to make sure it's all gone.
Sorry for your loss.hmm

Tryingno1 Sat 24-May-14 08:17:14

Usually there is no follow up but take a preg test in a week or so and it should be negative if not ask for a scan to check. I'd be assured the physcial stuff is most likely over with. It's not too common to have retained products post d and c (but can happen). Aslo your stopping bleeding is a good sign. If there's something left ur body tries to expel it with on and off bleeds (not always but a commonly).
Sorry for your loss xx

Metalhead Sat 24-May-14 10:20:03

Sorry you had to go through this OP. I didn't have a check up after mine, was just given a leaflet and told to come back in if the bleeding got heavier or didn't stop after two weeks. I only read about taking an hpt on here, and got a negative about 3 weeks after the erpc.

SimplyComplicated Sat 24-May-14 12:55:03

Thank you for your replies. Will take a HPT in a few days time. Not looking forward to doing it and hoping for a negative result! xx

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