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Head is all over the place

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Treaclepie19 Fri 23-May-14 16:09:32

I was thinking I was having a good day with lees pain and then half way through the day more pain and medium sized clot.
Which annoyed me as I thought I was done with the clots.
I started bleeding last Saturday and Monday I passed the most of the clots. My scan Wednesday showed the tissue was gone but some blood and a clot left. Passed more clots that day. When will the clots finish?!?!

Also, trying again. I can't see me being ready too for a long while yet but I know you are more fertile for a while. Am I throwing away a brilliant opportunity? I just don't think I'll be ready.

I'm at the point now where everyone is expecting me to be getting over it. Despite it being only 6 days since I started bleeding. Feeling fed up, sorry for the rant especially when I know there are people here who have been through worse.

Kloulou Fri 23-May-14 16:44:57

I feel your pain Treaclepie
6 days since mine too.... I feel like I'm supposed to stop talking about it now and move on. I am trying very hard to do so but it's all I constantly think about. Am lucky to have a wonderful DM who suffered MCs before having me so she understands how emotionally draining it all is as well as physically. My DH has closed up completely and will hardly talk. I've no idea what he's thinking about it all at the moment.
I hope the clots finish for you soon. I suppose I was "lucky" because I passed the sac whole on Saturday then the majority of the blood gushed out on the Sunday. I've stopped bleeding now and I feel empty. I kind of still wish I was bleeding?! It's all completely over so now it's time to move on. I'm not ready to though.
Here for chats if you need them.

Treaclepie19 Fri 23-May-14 16:48:31

Yeah I do know what you mean with when the bleeding is gone feeling empty.
This morning I felt fine physically but felt so empty and lost. Felt upset but nobody seems to understand why. My DH is similar to yours. He has been a bit distant but he says it didn't feel real to him yet anyway.

How far were you? I just can't accept it's all over and I'm worried about how long these clots will keep coming. They said at my scan there was only one. Unless maybe the blood is clotting as it comes out.

My MIL took me to the shop today (I feel too weak to drive) and she had miscarriages so thought she would understand but she even found it hard to talk to me.
Worst thing was at the shop the lady at the checkout asked if I was having a baby. Ugh.

Forester Sat 24-May-14 19:34:39

Sorry you are both going through this. flowers

It's very early days for both of you so you don't need to pretend that everything is OK - but it can be difficult finding people in RL who really understand what you are going through. Although MC's are comparatively common the circumstances can be quite different.

I've had two MC's and would have really struggled without Mumsnet!

Kloulou Sat 24-May-14 19:51:52

I agree Forester! Without mumsnet I would be feeling very alone. Friends are sympathetic but they don't really understand, DH opened up a bit last night and he said he's upset for me more than anything. Today he seems to be back to his usual daft self.
I was 7 weeks, 2nd miscarriage for me too. What made it harder was we'd seen the flicker of the HB on the scan 2 days before.
I feel cheated.
But I know it does get easier.

Treaclepie19 Sun 25-May-14 09:37:04

Thank you forester.
klouou must have been terrible for you seeing the heartbeat and then being let down.

I had dreams all last night tossing and turning about when to try again. Do I take it as a reason to sort out money (wedding debt) and the house or do we just go for it. I feel so empty but so scared.
We're off on a mini break today. Should be nice hopefully.
I had some wine last night, it felt so wrong. Probably have some cocktails today. I still feel like i shouldn't drink.

Metalhead Mon 26-May-14 11:48:52

Treacle as far as I'm aware there is no scientific proof that you're more fertile after a mc (certainly doesn't seem to be the case for me), so don't feel pressured to start ttc again if you're not ready. I hope you can enjoy your mini break.

Treaclepie19 Mon 26-May-14 13:15:21

Thanks metalhead, that's what we're thinking.
I think we might just go for it and if it takes a while then at least we won't get 6 months down the line then have to wait til it happens again.
If it happens we will be over the moon so either way is fine.

Our break is lovely, major decision is what to eat for dinner. Just what I needed.

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