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6 weeks - should I expect some pain and/or cramps if miscarrying?

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resipsa Thu 22-May-14 09:54:39

I'm interested in others' experience of a loss at 6 weeks. I had a m/c in Dec at 5 weeks which was slow but steady. I bled from 17 Dec to 5 Jan. It followed an IVF procedure and I was on progesterone support. I suspect that it meant that the bleeding was less obvious than it might have been if my hormone levels had dropped 'naturally'. I'm now 6 weeks again after another IVF procedure and on the same support. I've had a slow trikle over the last couple of days - no frank blood but blood tinged pessary discharge as happened before (when I was falsely reassued by the mildness of it all). On the last occasion, I had very bad back pain one day for a few hours. This time there is no pain. Has anyone else miscarried at 6 weeks with minimal blood loss and no pain.

Thanks for your input. Can't believe that I am here again sad.

calistamommy Fri 23-May-14 22:29:48

hi sorry for your losses. I had my first miscarage at 7 wks, lots of pain, and heavy blood loss. I recently had my 2nd miscarage at 5 wks 5days not as severe cramping as the first but still had pain & not as much blood loss as the first except for when I passed the baby, that seemed almost the same blood loss as the first miscarage. did you have assisted hatching with the ivf ?

resipsa Sat 24-May-14 08:13:05

Thanks for your reply and sorry that you've been through it too.

Things have moved on for me. Bled red and heavy on Thurs but scan showed baby + heartbeat. Bled again yesterday - v heavy for me with huge clots. Assume I lost it then. Waiting for repeat scan now. It sucks sad.

calistamommy Sat 24-May-14 21:33:50

blimey your certainly going on a roller coaster of emotions. sending you gentle hugs. & yep it sucks big time x

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