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bleed at 5 weeks

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wiltingfast Mon 05-May-14 08:44:46

Freaking out, this #3, other pgs v normal and straightforward, have never experienced bleeding at all before.

No warning, though looking back I did have quite a sharp twinge in my lower back yesterday morning but nothing else major all day. Went to the loo yesterday evening and saw bright red blood. Enough to thoroughly stain underwear but not go through to clothes. Not much blood when I wiped. Put on a pantyliner and only a light smear since and some pinkish blood when I wiped. This morning, no sign at all.

I haven't even been to gp yet, only barely know I'm pg, I'm 5+w today.

Is it too early to go early assessment unit? Am I still pg? Anyone experience of this? Dh useless! I'm. Just stressing him and he's only over the shock of the news I was pg never mind now it might be gone sad

Tryingno1 Mon 05-May-14 09:37:15

Hi. Sorry about your bleed. You must be worrying...
U could call ur epau but they usually don't scan you till 6 weeks as only then can they see enough to give more information at that time.
Same happened to me and I rang them and booked myself in for a scan when turned 6 weeks. (That way at least I had a date in my mind ready for the scan). In the mean time it's sadly a waiting game. Some epau have different protocols though...
Re blood many women bleed in all stages of pregnancy and everything turns out fine. It can be a implantation bleed or loss of a twin...try stay postive

Tryingno1 Mon 05-May-14 09:37:48

Sorry wanted to add
That's easier said than done!(staying postive that is)

wiltingfast Mon 05-May-14 10:07:30

Thanks trying, have to stop googling! Rang epu but just got a recording saying I had to be referred by gp, so will ring him tomorrow (bank hol here).

No more blood but def dull back ache. Have had that all along though so not sure what to think really...

Tryingno1 Mon 05-May-14 10:17:33

I think we all are culprits of googling.
Drives me mad!
Fingers crossed for u.

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