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When to expect a BFN after miscarriage

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GoooRooo Wed 30-Apr-14 19:12:44

I am currently miscarrying - started bleeding on Sunday and had it confirmed on Tuesday that the baby stopped developing at 6 weeks. I was 10+4. I have to go back to the EPU next Thursday for another scan to check all the tissue is gone and if not I guess it will be MM or SM.

I am absolutely desperate to try again for another baby ASAP. It took a long time to conceive this one, I am 40 soon and I don't want to waste any time.

I wondered how long after a miscarriage should I expect to see a BFN on a HPT? I figure once I get a negative, I will know if the next one is positive I am actually pregnant rather than just any remaining hormones from the MC showing up on the test.

bakingtins Thu 01-May-14 07:06:17

Hi gooroo I'm sorry you lost your baby.
I would suggest you test after 2 weeks. If it is still positive inform your GP and they will either test again in another week or start to test blood HCG to make sure it is low and dropping. I've had 4MC at 9-10 weeks and it has taken 3 weeks each time (or at least >2) to get a negative, but everyone is different.

GoooRooo Thu 01-May-14 07:51:03

Thanks bakingtins. I just want it over so I can move on - which I know sounds absolutely heartless and I am desperately sad that we lost this child, but I need to try again.

sebsmummy1 Thu 01-May-14 08:10:08

GoooRooo I am so sorry you lost your pregnancy sad. I have been in your position and it is devastating.

I can only give you my experience and that is that it took about 5/6 weeks for my ultra sensitive hpts to read negative. I lost my pregnancy at 6 weeks, baby didn't develop past 5, and I started my period about 4 weeks later. Didn't ovulate in that cycle but ovulated as usual in my next.

Three cycles later I have had a chemical (this has yet to be fully confirmed, waiting for quantitive blood test results today). But hpts are still positive even though I was only one day late for my period, bled normally for four days and am now on cd13! So the pregnancy hormone can be a tenacious bastard and can hang on in there for an age or you could be one of the few that test positive one day and near enough negative the next.

The cycle after mc is called the WTF cycle on here, ie anything can happen. Again in my experience you are very unlikely to ovulate if you are still getting positive hpts. You are more likely to bleed once your progesterone drops enough and then ovulate your next cycle. If your hpts so read negative quickly then you could ovulate before your next period, so definitely worth stocking up in done cheap ones and tests your urine every couple of days

Hand holding for you. So sorry again xx

GoooRooo Thu 01-May-14 11:30:38

Thanks Sebsmummy. I think I'll do that - buy some cheapy HPTs off ebay and see where we go from there.

TMI ALERT I am expecting the bleeding to get worse - it's just like a heavy period at the moment but I haven't had any clots of anything. Is that normal?

I think I must've had a massive hormone crash this morning as I dropped my DS off at nursery, someone said hello and I burst into tears.

littlepeas Thu 01-May-14 12:05:50

I am in much the same boat - started bleeding Wednesday last week, should have been 9 weeks but scan showed I only got to around 6 (not very clear). I bled like a period for 7 days and lost 2 large clots at the end of the 7th day and nothing since apart from a little bit of pinky brown discharge. I was expecting it to be much worse, so still not going far from home just in case. Have scan on Saturday to check progress. The epau sister told me to test 2 weeks after the bleeding had stopped and it should be negative. I feel much the same as you - very sad about losing this baby, but want it to be over so I can move on.

So sorry you have lost your baby. It's such a horrible experience.

GoooRooo Thu 01-May-14 12:11:54

Aw Littlepeas, I'm sorry you're going through it too - it's painful in every sense.

I am not going far from home either. I have a real fear that I will be on a bus or something and there will be a blood bath which would be hideous.

My scan's next Thursday and I really hope it will all be over by then.

I hope you get start ttc again soon and move on x

Empem288 Tue 06-May-14 23:51:33

Can I just ask as I'm mighty confused and totally unsure of what / how to work things out..

If you have continually bled after a natural miscarriage how do you know when you are actually having your AF and it's not just a continuation of MC bleed, also how do you work your date out for when it is due?

I had a natural MC last Friday so very much still in the stage of heavy bleeding but am interested to know the next sign. I've got to do a HPT in 2 weeks and go from there. Would anyone recommend ovulation kits?

bakingtins Wed 07-May-14 07:29:41

Em MC bleeding would normally last 1-2 weeks then you should use a HPT to make sure you get a negative test, so you know the MC is conplete and any subsequent BFP is a true positive and not left-over hormones. Your normal cycle will start again, you may or may not ovulate in the first (WTF what the **) cycle, and you'll have a period, usually 5-6 weeks post MC but it can be longer than that, doctor won't investigate/ do anything unless you get to about 10 weeks. If you do ovulate and conceive immediately post MC it will cause some issues with dating the pregnancy because the can't use the MC bleed as a reliable LMP date, but nothing a dating scan can't sort out for you.

littlepeas Wed 07-May-14 10:58:01

I lost the sac, etc last Monday and have had virtually no bleeding since - I still had a very faint positive yesterday (so a week after bleeding ended). I think it is supposed to be 2 weeks after bleeding stops and you should have a break between bleeding from the miscarriage and getting af.

Empem288 Wed 07-May-14 13:28:18

That's great Bakingtins thanks for the info.. Such a confusing time. So I should stop bleeding from MC then when I start to bleed again this will be my MP.

Decided to go back to work today and not sure it's the wisest move I've made.. Been flooding all morning and wonder if it's cos I'm mobile. At least it's coming away.

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