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Did I miscarry ( not recent)

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ICanSeeTheSun Thu 24-Apr-14 19:56:27

Sorry if this is in the wrong place if so I will message MNHQ.

My DD is coming up 5, when I was 8 weeks pregnant with her I had a massive bleed. I had a scan that showed DD but there was also an empty sac. I had to go back for another scan around 10 days later which showed the sac had gone and DD had a strong heart beat.

Nothing was explained to me about this empty sac.

Do you think this empty sac was DD twin or am I just overthinking this after a comment I had.

bakingtins Fri 25-Apr-14 07:12:22

It sounds like it was a blighted ovum. Either 2 eggs were fertilised (or one fertilised egg split) but only one developed into a baby. Had your DD not been there keeping the pregnancy hormones going then you would have experienced a very early miscarriage. It must throw up some strange emotions, and it should have been explained to you better at the time to allow you to process it then. flowers

ICanSeeTheSun Fri 25-Apr-14 14:58:42

Thank you for the time in replying to this.

I have googled blighted ovum and it seems that it was. The scan pictures was exactly the same as DD.

GimmeDaBoobehz Fri 25-Apr-14 15:02:56

Similar happened to my Mum with me but that was at about 12 weeks so most likely lost my twin?

jazzyjenbo Tue 29-Apr-14 22:56:31

Yes sounds like it.
When i thought i was pregnant my period started so i wasnt.. Never took test but symptoms continues so when the next period was due and didnt arrive took test...
Went to 12 week scan, was 16 weeks (they just said first period was prob implantation) neway roll on 6 months,
Had my son, retained placenta.. Turns out i had 2 placentas and 2 cords but only 1 cords attached to my son the other to nothing.
They said he had been a twin and that bleed was prob the loss.

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